DJ’ing as passion

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

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Photo courtesy of Spencer Grey 

Senior Spencer Grey takes the hobby of making playlists and discovering new music to a higher level. He’s been DJing for Lasell College Radio all four years and has made appearances at every Activities Fair and Marathon Monday party. 

What is the best part about DJing?  

Showing people new music, that’s my favorite thing. I have a SoundCloud, and I like to create playlists for people. That’s something I like to do for my friends and really find joy in it because a lot of people don’t know certain remixes. For example, at the Activities Fair I’ll play popular mainstream songs, but I know that everyone is already listening to those songs in their room. If I can show them something they’ve never heard before then they might think it’s cool and that’s really awesome for me. That’s one of the reasons I got into DJ’ing because I just wanted to find more music, which I enjoy doing, and I realized I could make some money from it which is a plus.

In addition to Lasell, do you do outside gigs? 

I’m part of this entertainment group called Titanic Entertainment, and they give me events every now and then which comes from a huge DJ Facebook group. I’ve done gigs at bars for University of New Hampshire students, and I did a night at Bostonia Public House, a higher scaled event [for me] because it was at a really nice bar, which was cool.

What’s the best/worst thing about working at a social function like the Activities Fair/Marathon Monday? 

I’m really against sexism, and there’s so many sexist references in the lyrics of a lot of EDM music, and I really hate that. However, a lot of my favorite songs, the way that they sound like on the drums, will have offensive lyrics. And I hate that, like I know a lot of guys like that, but it just makes me feel so bad. I also have to watch out for inappropriate music which sometimes stinks if it’s a song that I like the beat of, but I can’t play it. The other thing I dislike about DJing is that people will hear certain songs that I play, and think it reflects who I am as a person, which I worry about sometimes because I really am a nice person.

In addition to EDM, what kind of music do you like to listen to? 

One of my favorite types of music is actually called Vaporwave. They take seventies funk songs, slow them down, and loop them, which sounds really cool. Another kind of sub-genre that I like is called Lo-Fi Hip Hop. It sounds really old school because they use old school samples and loop them to make it sound like hip hop beats without the lyrics. One of my favorite people who does that kind of music is Flamingosis, and I play that a lot—probably every time I’m DJing.

Since this is your last year working for the radio and DJing at Lasell events, do you have any advice for younger DJs after you that will take your place? 

Don’t play just what you want to listen to. Play what you think other people want. I know sometimes I play things like Justin Bieber, which I’m not a fan of, but I do it because I know people listening to me like him. That’s just part of DJing, and it’s what makes it a good job. The reason I stopped DJing with my friend is because he didn’t get that we couldn’t always play these heavy, heavy dubstep songs. Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff too, but you just can’t do that because people won’t respond well.

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