Einstein’s: Not So Genius

By Michaela Murdock Contributing Writer

Illustration by Michaela Murdock

Lasell students are no stranger to stress. The stress of homework, the stress of roommates, living away from home etc. However, no stress is quite like the one of waiting in an endless line for the only thing getting us through our day; coffee… and Einstein’s is to blame. 

Other coffee shops have a system, they work like a machine, a high-functioning mechanism made up out of pink and orange baristas. Einstein’s, on the other hand, does not seem to function the same way.

Coffee is a necessity in many of our lives to wake up and refresh ourselves enough to start off a long day on campus. Conveniently, Lasell offers us a coffee shop selling both coffee and breakfast foods. Looking at the shop, it’s cute, the bagels look as good as they taste, and the coffee smells like heaven. Getting in line then pulls back the curtain to a certain kind of hell.

Your wait time can exceed 10 or 15 minutes. Waiting for a drink is faster than waiting for food, yes, but regardless you will be waiting. A dozen or so students standing in line beside you is a fair excuse for a bit of a wait, but waiting a while seems to happen more often than not.

As for convenience of students, there is none. An 8 a.m. class in Grove, for example, means leaving your room, depending on location, at least 15 minutes prior. Planning ahead for coffee and food, requires you to leave even earlier to beat the crowds that can consume the campus center like a tidal wave, hungry for bagels. The slow delivery eliminates the convenience of having a coffee shop on campus.

It’s easy to say that Einstein’s, though delicious, does not function the way Lasell students wish it would. A fast delivery is all we ask for. To sleep for 10 more minutes might save our whole day because a student’s sleep is nothing to mess with.

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  1. As a former employee at this Einstiens I understand your frustrations as well as the side of the employees. A lot of the full time employees I worked with (some still there, some not) worked very hard to keep up with the incredibly high demand from students. I know that you would think making a coffee and/or breakfast item may not be that challenging, but trying to make sometimes dozens at once can be overwhelming. I would recommend attempting to speak with a manager about your concerns. If that’s not the route you prefer you could also attend food committee which I believe meets every other Tuesday at 2 pm – any member of SGA would have more info on this. A simple reminder that there is always two sides to every story.

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