Mayer concert is a “Wonderland”

By Leanne Signoriello – Opinion Editor

Photo by Leanne Signoriello

“Boston, the city that holds my education and my dreams…. Welcome to the Search for Everything,” John Mayer addressed the electric crowd at the sold-out show at TD Garden on Sunday, April 9.

Mayer, who has been quiet since the release of his album “Paradise Valley” in 2013, exceeded expectations by providing fans with a two-hour set. The performance was creatively broken up into “chapters,” to highlight the notorious aspects of his career as well as his talent.

“Chapter One” opened the performance with “Queen of California,” featuring Mayer’s full entourage, his band. Chapter Two, the acoustic portion of the show, highlighted Mayer’s instrumental talents with the extensive guitar solos in songs such as “Neon” and “Free Fallin.’”

The third and final chapter was a special reunion for Mayer, as he brought out the original members of the John Mayer Trio. The trio performed Jimi Hendrix’s “Bold As Love” and paid special tribute to the late Chuck Berry with a cover of “Johnny B. Goode.”

Over the course of the show, Mayer performed old classic favorites, as well as six new songs featured on “The Search for Everything.” My personal favorites off of the new album include “Moving On and Getting Over,” and “Emoji of a Wave” because of the old-school Mayer feel.

The most memorable performances of the night were “Gravity,” performed during Mayer’s first encore, in addition to the song that followed in a surprise second encore, “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.”

It’s easy to say that the crowd felt every emotion possible during “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” as Mayer was left alone on stage with nothing but a piano. The empty stage was filled by Mayer’s raw talent, leaving the crowd in awe as it was time to leave.

The tour leading up to the April 14 release of his new album “The Search for Everything” can be seen as a comeback tour, not just for his music, but to redeem himself as a person in the spotlight. The singer’s character has been put into question as his name has been made into a number of controversial media headlines over recent years. During the show, Mayer addressed his appreciation for the support fans have given in response to the character-tarnishing publicity.

Thank you, John Mayer, for a night that kept me on my feet, singing along to every line with you and 17,000 of my closest friends.

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