Mental health recognized on campus

By Aimee Forman – 1851 Staff 

When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 Bipolar disorder while being hospitalized for self-infliction. Being bipolar has made life difficult, but has also truly made me the strong, inspired, person I am. It took time to establish some peace, but with the help from my family, friends, therapists, doctors, and teachers/professors, I have been able to make a stable life for myself while studying at Lasell.

The month of May marks Mental Health Awareness month in the United States. This month is important because some people still need educating on how mental illness affects people. If a mental illness is left untreated it can contribute to higher medical expenses, poor performance at school or work, few employment opportunities, and a higher risk of suicide.

It’s also important to recognize the outlets offered throughout Lasell that raise awareness. These aspects, including Peer Health, serve as beneficial and enjoyable opportunities for students on campus. Students can acknowledge mental health by becoming a Peer Health Educator. Educators work to raise awareness based on drug abuse, maintaining healthy relationships, mental health, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

Along with Peer Health, Active Minds, a club that focuses on promoting positive mental health, and counseling provided through the school serve as resources.

Having a mental illness is never easy, especially because of how society views the topic. Mental health has always been a topic pushed to the side in conversation. Media contributes to the poor mental health image.

Mentally ill patients exist everywhere, but they can live normal lives based on their resources. The issue of mental health is well recognized on campus but needs more attention outside of campus. A mental illness will affect someone physically as well as mentally.

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