Student leaders recognized for excellence

By Michael Bueno & Lane Sulzer – Junior Art Director & 1851 Staff

A group of editors and faculty advisor Marie Franklin of The 1851 Chronicle receive the Organization of the Year award. Photo Courtesy of Emma Cipriani

On Thursday, April 13 Lasell recognized  and honored students, faculty, and staff for outstanding achievements made on campus throughout the 2016-17 academic year. Hosted by the Office of Student Activities, a committee of faculty members decided on awards including  Student Leader of the Year, the Lasell Bowl, and the Lasell Chair.

The night started with a dinner provided by Sodexo that led directly into the award announcements. Starting with the yearbook dedication to Professor Karin Raye for her work to end domestic and gender-based violence on campus. Alumni of Lasell College Kevin Maloney and Morgan Nash then announced the four winners of the Alumni Scholarship: Corinne Palmer, Hailee Walsh, Kayla Hammersley, and Megan Croce.

Croce, a junior, also received the Student Leader of the Year award. “I was not expecting to win at all. It means everything to me and gives me motivation to keep getting students involved in Relay for Life for next year,” said Croce.

The Student Organization of the Year was awarded to The 1851 Chronicle for its growth in online presence and newsworthy monthly student journalism. Faculty advisor Marie Franklin, senior Co-Editors-in-Chief, Krista DeJulio, and Ryan Fitzgerald and the entire 1851 Chronicle staff highlighted the Lasell community throughout the academic year.

The Lasell Bowl was presented to seven graduating students for their work over four years at the College. The recipients of the award included Bridget Delaney, Briana Wrubleski, Yordan Villalon, Mary Jo Fisher, Hayley Kreckler, Dustin da Ponte, and Haleigh West.

Associate Professor of Psychology Jesse Tauriac and Student Government Association President Dustin da Ponte pose with their awards. Photo Courtesy of Jackie Colombie

“It means a lot to be recognized by Lasell for the amount of effort I put into all of my work here,” said West. “It’s nice to go into the real world with this award to help me look back at everything that I accomplished here, especially to be recognized by the professionals on the selection committee.” Wrubleski said, “I feel honored to be recognized as a student leader.”

The Lasell Chair was awarded to senior Courtney Braman for her remarkable accomplishments and numerous contributions to the Lasell community. According to Dean David Hennessey, there is not a single office on campus that has not been affected by Braman over her time at Lasell. “It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of getting since my freshman year, which was the first time I attended this event. So, the fact that I was able to achieve that, I don’t even have words for it,” said Braman.

Senior Courtney Braman receives the annual chair award. Photo by Michael Bueno


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