The sophomore slump

By Alex Balletto – Copy Editor 

Recently, I’ve found myself talking to my sophomore friends about the notorious “sophomore slump.” It seems many of us are experiencing this jinx.  I looked online to learn more about what the actual definition is, and it seems to be any second-time situation where expectations are not being met compared to the first, or when first-time successes have reduced efforts in the second attempt.  It has a weird relation to the blues, where there is an unexplained shift in one’s attitude. relates the sophomore slump to the statistical term “regression towards the mean.”  An example of this is when a student does very well on a midterm, that student can be expected to do well on his or her final test, but for the grade to be more average.  I guess therefore people do not want to peak too early in life. But saying that, I should clarify that one should never stop striving to be better.

I’m not saying that all my friends had a fantastic first year, buy many of us seem to be experiencing a little bit of the blues now.  I think that it is because many of us are so busy.  Last year, we dug our roots into the college, and now this year we are growing to be the officers of clubs, and even joining more clubs as time goes on.  On top of that, students are exploring internships, classes are getting more challenging, and some students are preparing to go abroad.

Lasell is a small institution so it is wicked easy to get involved, especially for students who like to be involved.  I’ve recently realized that I must tone my involvement down to start enjoying my personal life more.  With my unpaid internship, work, school, and involvement, I often find myself struggling to find time to pick up a book about Abe Lincoln or 1960s American History – my favorites.  I’ve haven’t learned anything more about impressionism, or Georgian architecture either. I have also found myself not exploring my surroundings, which is easily my favorite pastime. Something very important in life is your rest and relaxation, and time to think alone.

My sophomore year has reminded me of the scene in “The Devil Wears Prada,” where Andrea told Nigel that her personal life was falling apart.  He responded with, “That’s what happens when you start doing well at work.”  I agree, but should we live our lives like this?  I don’t think it’s healthy to drown in work, even though I’m one who often does, which is probably why I’m having this realization.

Nigel finished that quote saying, “Let me know when your entire life goes up in smoke…means it’s time for a promotion.”  I swear I’ve had a cold for the past six weeks, and I am so ready to catch upon some well-needed R&R.  After this sophomore year, and with the summer around the corner, I’m going to hope this promotion lands on my lap as I’m thinking alone on the boat.

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