Karandon House hippies

By J.R. CostelloContributing Writer

In a happy old house up on a hill, live 21 20-something year olds. With a grand porch where the music plays and the laughter ensues, there is never a dull moment in the community that settled on one warm and excitable September afternoon. A white house, green shutters, and a staircase to the hippie heaven invites all that bring happiness, peace and respect.

Resident Disc Jockey Nathaniel Morency, who entered the house in the second semester, wasted no time developing relationships within the community. In true Morency fashion, Nathaniel exclaimed that “We had some goofs and some gaffs. Mostly, we had fun.” His humor and high energy brought a void to the seniors who graduated in the first semester. David Falvey and Christopher Lemmon collaboratively said “Living in K-House Room 10 was the best experience of our college careers.”

Karandon House of Lasell has been standing tall since 1893. The house got it’s name from the wife of Dr. Bragdon, Karen Ransom Bragdon. Her name, broken into three parts to create Ka-Ran-Don, or Karandon. This is not the only connection K-House has to bold names of Lasell.

Donald J. Winslow was also born to this house in 1911, when the house belonged to President Guy Winslow and family. This information, and much more, can be found in the book Lasell: History of the First Junior College for Women, published by Winslow himself.

Each of the residing members of the home most know it as K-House and can be described as true, inspiring, and individual. With many of the residents involved in social justice efforts, it is no wonder why Lasell students around campus have endearingly titled them the “Hippies on the Hill”.

An open-door policy brings each member to move fluidly throughout the house. From room to room, there is always conversation. Junior Morgan Murphy jokingly says, “There is always someone home, even if it’s just a spirit,” addressing the much loved K-House ghost. With support around every corner, these residents have created a home where love spills out and brings people together. If you need an ear to listen or just a place to hang for a while, the window is always open for free birds to fly in.

Fashion design student Aliza Bogosian, a senior resident of K-House, will remember this house fondly. When asked what she will miss most about the house, she says, [I will] miss the community this house has created for us. It saddens me to think of leaving.” A mutual feeling among housemates alike.

After housing many students over many years, Karandon will be undergoing a face-lift during the next academic year. Residents from near and far will hold fond memories of the experiences they shared in this loving community. We look forward to seeing the new renovations to the house that constructed lifelong friendships.

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