Lasell welcomes new staff, faculty

By Armando Machado Jr. – 1851 Staff

Several new full-time faculty and staff members have joined the Lasell community this year.

Helen Brew is an Administrative Assistant who began her career as a University Administrator at George Washington University in Ashburn, Virginia where she worked in the Science and Technology department. Along with her work at George Washington University, Brew’s career brought her to Australia for seven years, and New Zealand for six months in addition to other cities such as San Diego and San Francisco before coming to Lasell.

Dr. Lauren Anderson, Assistant Professor of Communication, grew up in the Chicago area and attended the University of Illinois to complete her bachelor’s degree. She also figure skated for the University of Illinois. Anderson then attended Pepperdine University for her master’s and Florida State University for her doctorate in Communication where she found herself researching the portrayal of sports and athletes in the media. Her work in higher education inspired her to pursue a career in sports communication. When speaking about social issues noticed in sports, Anderson says “all these issues going on in the sports world are really important and someone needs to talk about them and study them.”

Dr. Matthew Reilly, Assistant Professor of Marketing, has been a part of the Lasell community for many years, including five years as an adjunct professor.  Additionally, Reilly is a double alumnus of Lasell College, having earned a master’s degree in Marketing and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Although he began his professional career in the financial industry, Dr. Reilly was drawn back to academia because he wanted to make a difference in students’ lives the same way that his professors influenced his life. “My professors and mentors from years ago are now my colleagues and friends,” Reilly said. “There is a great support system here at Lasell and I’m thankful to be a part of such a close-knit community.”

Maithily Erande, Associate Professor and Program Director for  the Information Technology Degree, has 18 years of experience in the corporate world in several countries, which has shaped her knowledge of technology as well as her understanding of people. Erande was drawn to Lasell because of the new Information Technology major being launched Fall of 2018. Professor Erande has launched products in technology and big data analytics for companies like Apple, Cisco, JPMorgan Chase, and Viacom.

Lori L’Italien, Assistant Professor of Music & Performing Arts/Director of Performing Arts, has been working at Lasell for seven years before becoming a full-time faculty member. L’Italien has been involved in performing arts since middle school.  At Longy School of Music in Cambridge, L’Italien earned her first master’s and started performing professionally. Last semester, L’Italien earned her MFA from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music.

Ron Laham, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, started at Lasell as an adjunct in 2009, working in the Athletic Training and the Exercise Science programs. Laham’s interest in the human anatomy has been prevalent since his time at Northeastern University where he received his bachelor’s degree. Following that, Laham earned his M.Ed. at the University of Virginia. According to an email sent out by Jim Ostrow, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Laham is also a licensed Athletic Trainer, a certified Personal Trainer, and a certified Strength and Conditioning coach.

When speaking of the relatively new field of sports science, Laham said “we’re seeing a shift in the care of athletes from the perspective that there needs to be more done for the prevention [of injuries].”

After Elyssa Miller, Assistant Professor of Mathematics attended Boston University for her undergraduate education, she taught at Marlborough High School for nearly 20 years before deciding to pursue a career in higher education. Miller received her master’s in Mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is now in the process of completing her doctorate in Math Education at Boston University.

“Marlborough High School went through a lot of changes during my time there,” said Miller in regards to how her background in high school education has helped her transition to college. Miller’s favorite part of Lasell is the community. “The faculty has been incredibly welcoming and the students have been terrific as well,” said Miller.



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