New building set to open next semester

By Tyler Hetu & Matthew Ferris – 1851 Staff 

Commodore Builders started the reconstruction of the Wolfe and Wass classroom buildings two summers ago, and the new academic building is set to be finished in November. 

The new building will have new features that both Wolfe and Wass lacked. The building has three new 50-person classrooms for larger class settings. The rooms will include dividers to cut the room in half to make two 25-person classrooms. Each of these classrooms contain three 90-inch monitors. Private study rooms are also in demand, and will offer another space for groups of students to meet and work on homework and projects.

Vice President of Administration and Finance Michael Hoyle added more information about the new science programs in the building. “It will also include a garden on the roof for the new health sciences program and environmental classes,” said Hoyle. New health sciences programs will be added in the coming spring, creating brand new facilities for the program.

As of now, what classes will be held there is still in discussion. “The Registrar’s Office is still figuring it out,” Hoyle said “but there will be a lot of general classes in here.”

The scheduled opening is ahead of their previously planned December finish, with classes beginning in the spring semester.

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