Sarah Gelineau talks fashion and drama

By Spencer Kosior – Contributing Writer

Sarah spending some time with the dragon that will be in “Shrek The Musical”. Photo by Spencer Kosior

Sarah Gelineau is a senior Fashion Communications major and a dedicated member of the Drama Club and Chorus since her first year at Lasell College.

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do here at Lasell?

I am a senior Fashion Communications major with a minor in Performing Arts. I do pretty much every theater thing you could do on campus. I am in the drama club, I am in the chorus, I am in the improv club. I’m a writer; I write for Polished Magazine. That’s pretty much it. I am theatre and fashion-oriented.

Speaking of theatre, I heard that you were cast Fiona, one of the leads, in Lasell’s production of Shrek the Musical. How does it feel?

First of all, when I found out the news, I was at a bar and I’m pretty sure the entire bar heard me yell. I was pretty elated. Last year I got one of the lead role in Lasell’s production of Heathers: the Musical and that was by far one of the best moments of my life. This probably topped that because when I was little I would watch Shrek, and Fiona was always just such a fiery, fun character. I would be like, “Gosh I want to be just like her.” I loved to see princesses but Fiona’s a different breed, and I love that. To be portraying Fiona on stage is a dream come true for me, truly.

What did you do to prepare for the whole audition process?

I did Shrek the Musical back in high school so I already knew all the songs. They’re really fun and I really enjoy listening to the soundtrack. I really did want to be Fiona, so to prepare for that role specifically I basically rehearsed all summer. I learned every song in the show that she did. I was singing constantly: when I was in the shower, when I was at work and no one was around, or at least when I thought no one was around, at home when no one was around, or again when I thought no one was around. Basically I just sang my little heart out and did everything I could to really make the character my own, and deviate from what I had seen other actresses do in the role.

Was the goal of researching what had been done previously with the role mostly in order to do everything differently?

Yes, basically. It’s really important that when you’re portraying a character that is so well known that you stay true to that character, but it’s also really important to give the character a little twist of yourself. Put your own spin on it. However, you feel or think this person should be portrayed is how you should do it. Making bold choices is a very big part of theatre.

What are some the of your personality that you are putting into this character?

Fiona in this particular show I believe is a little bit dorky, a little but quirky. I am also dorky and quirky. I do a lot of random dancing in places that you probably shouldn’t be dancing. I burst into song in the middle of sentences, she bursts into songs in the middle of the show several times. I personally think that I can bring a lot of that into the character. I am also told that I am pretty loveable, I’m just very kind and sweet. Everybody really enjoys being around me, so I’m told. I haven’t had any complaints yet. I’m going to try to bring that Disney princess-esque vibe to the character.

What is the thing you are excited for the most with Shrek the Musical?

It’s the chance to one: portray a character that I love; and two: costuming. I’m a fashion major, costuming is going to be a big deal for me. I’m really excited to see the costumes that we got. They’re all professional from a big theatre company that very graciously rented us their Broadway-level, professional, beautiful costumes that cost so much money to use. I’m really excited to see how they turn out and look on everybody.

You’ve been with the Lasell Drama Club for going on four years now. Could you share some of your thoughts about how you’ve seen the program evolve and grow?

The biggest thing that’s stuck with us is the family atmosphere that we have. I remember that I was with you back in Urinetown when we were both freshmen and we were just surrounded by seniors and juniors and sophomores that were all kind of thrown into a mishmash of a family. We all got really close and we’ve stayed pretty close these past three, going on four, years. Despite the people that have come and gone, the sense of family that is within the club has never really changed. Obviously our shows have gotten bigger and better. Every single year, the show’s budget gets bigger and our ability to do more gets better. Our shows have really, really come a long way since four years ago and it’s really, really, awesome to see how big they’ve grown.

Earlier you mentioned that you’re a writer for Polished Magazine. Could you tell me more about that?

For Polished, I’ve been writing for them for about three years now. I started when I was a second semester freshmen. Basically you show up to a meeting, you get your story assigned to you. You’re assigned a photographer, you get your references. When you interview someone you get their name and contact information. There are three deadlines to make, the last one is the biggest obviously. It’s your last edit, the final draft you’ll send in… last year I interviewed a man named Igor Vasiljuk. He owns a salon in Newton and Newton Highlands. It was really cool because I got to go to the salon and interview him. He’s done hair for everyone ever. He’s done hair for people at the VMAs, for Bridget Bardot, which was weird and cool. You get to meet these really interesting people that you wouldn’t have gotten to meet and it gets you some really good writing experience. I do want to go on after school to become a journalist, so this is really, really good for me as person to just get more experience as a writer.

Attached is a photo gallery showcasing the many roles Sarah has played as part of her time in the Drama Club throughout the years:

Pic 1
Sarah catching some shuteye before the opening of Urinetown! The Musical.
Pic 2
Rebecca Llanes (left) and Gelineau (right) as two of Cladwell’s dancers from Urinetown! The Musical.
Pic 3
Gelineau (right), Taylor Chesler (center), Abbey Budwey (left) as the Wickersham Brothers in Suessical the Musical.
Pic 4
The Wickersham Brothers steal the clover from Horton the Elephant. Left to right: Abbey Budwey, Taylor Chesler, Sarah Gelineau, Spencer Kosior.
PIc 5
Sarah Gelineau (foreground) as Heather MacNamara fiddles with a prescription pill bottle as her harrowing solo in “Lifeboat” reaches towards its dramatic climax in Heathers the Musical. In the background mocking Gelineau’s character, from left to right: Mariah Lang, Elizabeth Leahy, Kira Dausch, Abby Tague.
Pic 6
Gelineau as Heather MacNamara (center, foreground) takes a handful of sleeping pills in an attempt at suicide at the end “Lifeboat” in Heathers the Musical. Lasell College Drama Club e members left to right: Allie Doyle, Elizabeth Leahy, Sara Walgreen, Mariah Lang, Hannah Rich, Kira Dausch, Hannah Baun, Abby Tague, Reagan Cleary, Molly Parrott, Sara Bayles.
Pic 7
Sarah Gelineau as Heather MacNamara (left) and Kira Dausch as Heather Duke (right) chilling in their jeep during Heathers the Musical.
Pic 8
Sarah Gelineau (center) as the befuddled delivery driver Easy trying to get anyone to sign for their delivery in Dogg’s Hamlet. Lyndsey Charette (left) Victoria Duverge (right).


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