Trump triumphs over Harvey

By Nicole Yeager1851 Staff

Houston Cartoon
Illustration by Thomas Baker 

With President Donald Trump’s latest controversial actions, the biggest question was how he would handle something as serious as a massive hurricane such as Harvey. This left myself and the majority of the United States in fear that Trump would pull his usual shenanigans. 

To this date Trump has taken note of Bush’s mistakes and demanded FEMA act quicker than they did under Michael D. Brown’s control. To our surprise, Trump has been holding up and using the resources at his disposal. After many issues in 2005, it is understood that FEMA has learned from their mistakes and will no longer be cramming people into stadiums.

With a quick reaction time, Trump sent aid before the hurricane hit Texas, leaving me in shock with his professionalism and leadership. According to U.S. News, Bush’s aid took 96 hours after Hurricane Katrina touched down in Louisiana, then another 48 hours later he had to request additional money in aid. This difference caused 1,833 unnecessary deaths to occur.

While President Trump is reveling in his success in aiding mainland hurricane victims, the citizens of Puerto Rico are living in despair. Puerto Rico’s devastation will take years to recover. Even with the help from many celebrities and organizations, it may not be fiscally possible for the U.S. and its territories to be able to provide aid for the many more hurricanes to come.

Thankfully, the president has said he’s heading to Puerto Rico next week.

The ugly truth of the matter is, money will always be in the way of saving people’s lives and that is the reality no matter who the president is. This reminds me how much of a train wreck our government has been and will be for a very long time. While it may be almost impossible to agree with what President Trump says and does, he won this time. Thankfully, Trump says he’s heading to Puerto Rico next week.

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