Ringo’s new album has all that Ringo Starr charm

By Casey DiBari – 1851 Staff

Ringo Starr Grayscale
Ringo Starr’s newest album “Give More Love” was released on September 15. This is Starr’s 19th studio album. Photo courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises.

Step aside old Taylor Swift, move over Brad Paisley, and throw out your Steven Tyler country albums, world. There’s a new star entering the country scene, and his name is Richard Starkey.

While Ringo Starr’s new album, “Give More Love,” isn’t a full country album, the ex-Beatle does have a few country tunes in there, enough to make you pause and wonder.  You may even look it up and see whether or not you missed something. In actuality, there are three songs that present your typical twangy property to Starr’s voice, “Standing Still,” “So Wrong For So Long,” and “Shake it Up.” They’re pretty good songs, too, which proves that if any old rock star, say the least celebrated Beatle, could switch country and perform moderately, it would be Ringo Starr (Sorry, Steven.)

Other than those songs, the rest of the album has more of a rock feel, which you’d expect from Ringo. It’s actually listed as a pop-rock, reggae, and country album, and the genre’s are clearly audible in the music, and Ringo makes it work. The albums titular song, “Give More Love,” also has a pleasant feeling about it, with Ringo’s lyrics conveying a very positive vibe. Themes featured in Starr’s writing are usually giving love and making a change, and his rhetoric urges listeners to actively do so.

In total, there are ten new songs on the fourteen song album, these tracks are listed as re-releases, including his biggest hit, “Photograph.” The song is one of Starr’s boot-stomping country tunes, with the help of Vandaveer, an indie folk band featured on the album. Vandaveer isn’t the only featured artists on the album though. Former All-Starr band members Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton, alongside former Beatle Paul McCartney, all contributed to the album.

All in all, “Give More Love” is, by no means, a bad album. It’s not really an amazing one either, at least not by itself. However, it is a very good Ringo Starr album. If you are a fan of Ringo by himself, or even of the Beatles, you’re going to enjoy this album. It’s really hard not to enjoy Ringo Starr, whether it’s just laughing along with one of his old Beatle songs, or reminding yourself that he’s not dead when he pops up in the news. Starr seems to be a naturally very likable person, and “Give More Love” is yet another reminder of this.


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