Sports Hall of Fame: honoring a legacy

By Mackenzie Dineen – Arts Editor

The Athletic Department and Development and Alumni Office will be hosting the first Induction Ceremony for their new athletics Hall of Fame on October 13 in de Witt Hall. Since Lasell joined the NCAA in 1998, the Hall of Fame is an “Exciting next step in the athletic program,” said Athletic Director Kristy Walter. “It is time to have this as a piece of our history, and recognize the individual and team success that we have had, in a short amount of time; it is a way to honor athletes, keep them connected to Lasell and inspir,e current and future athletes to reach to those heights,” she said.

The inaugural committee consists of seven members, including two former athletes, four athletic administrators, Janice Savitz, the faculty athletic representative, Neil Hatem, the project’s overall representative, and Emily Machado, the Sports Information Director. The physical location of the monument is still undecided, but the online version is available. Upon completion, the Hall will be located on the track in the Athletic Center, and will feature inductee plaques with their photos and information, as well as information about the Hall itself, although renderings will be available during the ceremony. Walter plans to bring recruits to the Hall as prospective students.

The event will honor six inductees and four former athletes: Mandi Rapisardi ’06, who played both basketball and lacrosse, Louie Lucchetti ’06, a lacrosse player, Angele Lavoie Piotrowski ’07, who played volleyball, and Jose Guitian ’09, a basketball team member. Two honorary members, Nancy Curtis Grellier, Grellier field’s namesake, of the class ’49, and faculty athletics representative, Rick Frederics, will also be inducted. The criteria for nominees is a minimal five-year gap between graduation and nomination, significant accomplishments, and both regional and national recognition while enrolled.

Registration is still open, but is nearing capacity. “I hope that [the ceremony] brings more recognition to past athletes, and some recognition to current athletes, and reminds people what we’re doing,” said Walter, “and that we’ve had some success, and that maybe people who don’t know a lot about the program might take a moment to look more deeply into it, and attend some games.”

Walter says that since this is the first athletic monument at Lasell, “We’re putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure that the event is nice, people feel proud of [it] and are excited to be here, and that families of the honorees are excited to participate.” New inductees will be inaugurated bi-annually to steadily build the hall of fame, and the committee will induct anywhere from 4-6 people a year.

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