First makeup club brightens up campus

By Avery Stankus – Contributing Writer

Makeup Club President Alexis Lagana (left) applying makeup to club Vice-President Savannah Tutt. Photo by Avery Stankus.

Lasell College’s Makeup Club had its first meeting of the year last Tuesday in the Rosen Auditorium. The club’s president, Alexis Lagana, held the meeting to determine who would be interested in joining what she refers to as the ‘Glam Squad.’

“I started this club because I have such a passion for makeup and everyone would always ask me how I did my makeup,” said Lagana. “I figured I would start a club showing how to do just that; I wanted to help others.” Lagana posts her makeup designs on her personal Instagram account frequently.

Lagana, a sophomore, started the club in the previous semester. Savannah Tutt, Vice-President of the Makeup Club, and Tea Kokic, the club’sreasurer, were also in attendance to Tuesday’s meeting. Together, the three of them kicked off the meeting by introducing themselves and the overall purpose of the club.

The auditorium was filled with roughly 40 students interested in the club. Lagana stressed at the meeting how each member of the group will “learn from each other.” Each attendee went around the room getting to know each others contributions to the club.  “I’m pretty decent at doing makeup on my own face. I think doing other people’s makeup is where I want to improve,” said freshman recruit Taylor Powell.

Over the course of this year, the Makeup Club plans to help out with some of Lasell’s events. The club will be learning how to do prosthesis and hairstyles for “Shrek The Musical”. This will also be the Makeup Club’s second year helping out with Lasell’s Annual Fashion Show, designing hair and makeup for the models.

“I believe makeup is a form of self-expression. It’s an art and I love to watch YouTube videos on tutorials,”  said student, Ally Garriepy. “I think the Makeup Club will be a perfect opportunity for me to express myself.”



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