Fitness by Foss

By Connor O’Brien – Contributing Writer

Senior Dillon Foss enjoys a healthy workout drink underneath his personal  pull-up bar. Photo by Connor O’Brien.

Lasell  senior Dillan Foss understands the importance of keeping in shape. He combines diet with consistent weight training and exercise to keep himself healthy. As a personal trainer, Foss needs to know how to get his clients the best results, and getting them to eat right is a big part of his process.

How and when did you first get into nutrition and athletic training?

I first got into athletic training when I was younger, when my sister had torn her ACL. I went with her to her rehab and got me interested in the field. I’ve played sports my whole life and have a knack for science and the body. Athletic training seemed like a really good place for me to put my skills… once I heard about Transitions Lifestyle Solutions and realized how cohesive performance and nutrition are.

What benefits does a well-balanced diet provide that people may not be aware of?

A lot of people don’t understand the direct correlation between what you put in your body and what the individual cells in your body have to do to react to those nutrients or lack of nutrients. It has a big effect on your hormones, your hormones are what influence every cell in your body to function better.

Can a lack of these hormones affect mental health?

Yeah, going back to the same thing, diet directly affects what hormones are sent from your digestive system to your brain. The healthier you eat, the more endorphins your body will release…those can affect your mood and your ability to cope with stress, anger and anxiety.

What is the biggest issue you see with people’s diets nowadays and what are people not eating enough of?

People eat too much processed food…people really lack the amount of vegetables they should be getting…vegetables cannot be processed and packaged. Someone can have a peanut butter and banana sandwich in the morning and think they’re getting a well-balanced breakfast. There’s not a single vegetable in there. It can be a bit of a misconception.

What does an average day of eating look like for you?

I typically wake up at 6AM and eat no later than 7:30. I have eggs, fruit, vegetables and some sort of grain. I snack in between every meal. I eat lunch around noon, which will consist of only veggies, fruits and grains. I’ll have a small portioned dinner around five o’clock. Later on, around eight or nine I eat a larger dinner which consists of my animal protein alongside vegetables and grains.

How do you get the best results from your workouts, what do you eat and drink before, during and after your workouts?

Before my workouts I drink another Isotonix product called “Peak Performance Blend”. It’s blend of B vitamins and amino acids, which are the building blocks for proteins. These allow your muscles to go harder for longer, during my workouts I drink strictly water. After my workouts I try to drink some protein and simple carbs, which brings your blood glucose levels up and put protein back into your muscles.

What advice do you have for someone who may be just starting to work out and eat healthy?

The best thing I could say is to start small. Small habits are what is going to push you, if you go too big, too fast you’re going to fall short. Improving your diet and exercise is something that takes an eternity to master. It isn’t an overnight process and is not something that you can perfect, there is always room for improvement.

Where can people go to get information about diet and exercise?

There’s lots of places out there. I personally tell people to go to the TLS website, It has a very good resource page full of educational videos anywhere from getting started, to eating healthy while at a restaurant…There are also tons of body weight workout videos on the site which are very helpful as well.



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