The Clothesline project raises awareness for domestic violence

By Megan Venuto – Contributing Writer

The Clothesline Project displays t-shirts with inspirational messages from domestic violence victims from Lasell over the years. Photo by Megan Venuto

Several athletic teams organized the Title XI campaign, The Clothesline Project, from October 10 through October 12 in the Arnow quad and Winslow Glow Lounge to raise awareness for domestic and sexual violence on college campuses.

The teams displayed a clothesline of different t-shirts from current and former Lasell students sharing their stories about domestic violence or sexual assault. The Men’s Lacrosse team has been affiliated with similar Title XI projects, such as the White ribbon campaign, for the past three years. The players have participated in seminars to be more thoroughly educated on how to stop violence. “This is just a step in the right direction towards helping the ones who have been effected and helping in the future in hoping they don’t get affected,” said junior and lacrosse player Liam Gillis. “It is unique because we are changing the way people see us and help people.”

Statistics show that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are victims to domestic violence.

The issue has made a personal impact for several students. “Years before I met my girlfriend she had been in an mentally and physically abusive relationship,” said one student. “Learning more about the way mental and physical abuse affects a person on a closer level really made me want to be apart of something like Title XI.”

“Through the training we’ve been through and being able to dissect situations that have happened are very tough to do, sexual assault and domestic violence is very hard to stop,” said Gillis. “We really want to [emphasize] that if you see something that looks questionable, or not right, to not stand back and let them figure it out. Step up and ask if everything is okay.”





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