A cappella harmonizes with new leadership

By Cassidy Murray – Sports Editor

The Spartones performed at the Student Performance Showcase in de Witt Hall on October 14. Photo courtesy of Kara Hemenway

The Spartones, Lasell’s student-run a cappella group, was founded by its former president, J.R. Costello in 2014 after Costello believed there was a lack of opportunity to express a love for music within the Office of Student Activities. The group has grown and improved since the beginning and now that Costello graduated from Lasell this past spring, the position of  president was handed down to senior Kara Hemenway. 

Hemenway joined the Spartones her freshman year, just one year after the group was established. She grew very close with the original members of the group and immediately took on a leadership role. During her time in the group, Hemenway served as treasurer and continued to move up the ranks on the e-board from year to year.

With the new position came greater responsibilities. She makes sure everyone on the e-board stays on task, gets contacts for events, and schedules the group’s performances. Hemenway also likes to offer her help to other members of the e-board because she has experience in different positions. As president, Hemenway feels as though she has the opportunity to do everything she has envisioned for the group, and since everyone gets along so well, she is confident they will be successful in their endeavors.

“The most rewarding part of being president of the Spartones is that everyone is like family to me and I love singing with them and sharing a love for music with everyone,” said Hemenway.

The Spartones recently performed  in the Student Performance Showcase as part of Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend. So far, the group has focused on teaching the new members their songs before starting anything new.

Junior Sarah Lindquist, the music manager, for the Spartones, discussed what the group will be working on in the future. “We have a good list of songs to start working on and we’ve been encouraging all members of the group to bring ideas of new songs to us because we want to hear what they are interested in,” said Lindquist.

The Spartones will be singing at the Providence Bruins game on November 3 and performing for an art gallery showing in Yamawaki on November 5. In addition to those performances, the group will be working on new pieces to perform at their showcase in the spring. Along with the showcase, both Hemenway and Lindquist have other goals including getting the group ready to start participating in small competitions in the area, as well as recording their own album.

“I am so proud of how far we’ve come and how far we are going to go even after I graduate, I put my whole heart into this group and make sure we are always being the best that we can be,” said Hemenway.

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