Alumni return to campus to work as staff

By Colin Froment & Caitlyn Garcia News Editor and 1851 Staff 

Several Lasell graduates have accepted staff positions across campus.

Tricia Culver ‘10 is the Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Culver originally worked in the Admissions Office as a student, but after graduating was asked to return to the office as a staff member.

Within a few short months, Culver settled into the new position and became passionate about helping the students get adjusted as she once did.

“Education is very rewarding, I love working with students and their families during this whole college search process,” said Culver. “When I get to see a student who I met when they were a junior [in high school] become a student on move-in day, it comes full circle for me.”

As someone who has had plenty of experience working in the Admissions Office, Culver felt that the transition process was easy for her and she was quickly able to work collaboratively with more experienced faculty members. “When I became a full-time employee of the college, everyone was supportive and happy that I joined the Admissions team,” Culver said. “The fact that I had already had so many wonderful relationships with faculty and staff while I was a student only strengthened the relationships and connections once I became an employee of the college.”

Ari alum
Arianna DiOrio ’14 returned to Lasell to work in the Athletic Training Department. Photo by Caitlyn Garcia

Arianna DiOrio ’14 studied Athletic Training during her time at Lasell and rejoined the Lasell Athletic Training Department just a year and a half after graduation. Prior to joining Lasell, DiOrio worked at Wellesley College where she worked with their Sports Medicine Department.

Returning back to Lasell was very intimidating at first for DiOrio since she had to transition from “Ari the athlete” to “Ari the professional,” but her athletes made that transition very easy for her. “Everyone adjusted once I showed everyone that I understand I was an athlete and a student, but now I am here to teach; to bring what I have learned to the athletes,” DiOrio said. “I think it’s really cool because everyone is so welcoming so it felt like I never left.”

Working alongside her old professors and soccer coaches is an honor and a very exciting experience for DiOrio. “They get to see what they made and what they made me into. I am honored, it’s not a weird thing, they were all welcoming and so proud of me when I got the job. In a sense, it’s like watching their kid grow up,” said DiOrio.

Jonathan alum
Jonathan Peirce 15′ returned to Lasell to work in the Informational Technology Department. Photo by Colin Froment

Jonathan Peirce ’15 rejoined Lasell this past August as the Classroom and Media Support Analyst. Peirce, who earned his degree in Radio and Video Production, started working in the Informational Technology (IT) Department his freshman year and continued throughout his four years.

Two years later Peirce returned and could not be any happier. Peirce felt like he never left Lasell and still feels a part of the community today. “The college you go to makes you who you are for the rest of your life. So it’s good to still be a part of it and see how other students change and to be apart of that process makes me feel important,” said Peirce.

Peirce loves the area and enjoys seeing how much the college has changed and seeing students grow. “I like seeing how the campus has changed and being a part of the opening of the new building,” Peirce said. “It’s a great responsibility to have, seeing projects through the end.”

Garbriella Giangregorio ‘16 is the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving. Giangregorio secured her position after completing an internship in the Alumni office during her senior year. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Event Management, Giangregorio found herself drawn to helping organizing events on campus and seeing the social aspect of the college succeed.

“I wanted a job that has me be more creative,” said Giangregorio. “I realized after finishing my internship that this is the route I wanted to go on,” she said.

As one of the most recent alumni to become a staff member, Giangregorio understands how stressful finding a job after graduating can be. “Your first job isn’t always going to be ideal. You’re going to learn so much and learn about who you are as an employee,” said Giangregorio. “You need to get your foot in the door with experience and networking. Everybody knows everybody and there is always someone you want to reach out to.”

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