McGrane hits the ground running

By Seán McGlone – Editor-in-Chief

Michael McGrane enters his first year as coach of the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Photo courtesy of Emily Machado

Lasell Athletics recently hired Michael McGrane as the new Head Coach for the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams.

McGrane came to Lasell after spending the last four years coaching as part of the Boston Athletic Association Running Club, where he coached athletes of all ages, from post-college graduates to the elderly.

McGrane found himself in an interesting situation having joined as a coach after the season had already started, but says he’s looking to build the team as best he can with the short season.

McGrane says he came across Lasell while looking for a head coaching job at a Division three level. “Lasell seemed like a really great opportunity and a great fit for me personally,” said McGrane.

McGrane says he has known about Lasell for a while having run by the campus numerous times while running the Boston Marathon. McGrane ran his first marathon in 1996 and has ran in the Boston Marathon every year since 2001. That same year McGrane moved to Boston after coaching track for one season at Mount Mercy University in Iowa.

“It’s only been a few weeks, so first understanding each athlete, what level they’re at, and then help them perform to get the most out of them in this short season we have this year,” said McGrane. “So for this season it’s taking the team that we have and trying to get them in the best shape we can in a very short period by doing quality workouts, but also training smart and getting their rest.”

While McGrane says he doesn’t necessarily have specific timing requirements for his team, he does expect his athletes to be prepared for each practice and race. “Show up and be willing to put in effort and follow the training plan.” Said McGrane “[It’s] not so much about the qualifications, but the willingness to improve and do the small things to become better athletes. Mostly I’ve just asked the athletes to show up and do their best each day.”

McGrane is also implementing some new workouts in training. “One of [McGrane’s] big things is hitting the weight room to help with injury prevention, which is something we’ve never done. I’m looking forward to that because injuries are a big issue we have,” said junior Ryan Dalaba.

McGrane says that he wants to build a championship program for both the Cross Country and Track and Field teams and hopes to win GNAC championships with both teams. He also hopes to use his coaching skills to help his athletes make it to the national competition.

“My coaching philosophy would be coaching every athlete as an individual. Whether you’re male or female, I just look at the person individually as an athlete and find out what their strengths are and also discover their weaknesses to help them improve as a runner,” he said.


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