News Briefs

By Brian Cohen, Nicole Yeager, Seán McGlone, Cassidy Murray – 1851 Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor

Sport Department to host Sport Management Day

The Lasell College Sport Management Association is hosting Sport Management Day on Tuesday, November 14 in the Winslow Academic Center.

This event will consist of panelists from around the sports industry and will allow for students to connect with field professionals. There will also be a career fair that will strictly focus on the sports industry, creating a great connected learning opportunity for students.

“This is the first opportunity for students in our major to go to a career fair and have it be relevant to what we want to do in our careers,” said Sport Management Association President Lane Sulzer, who is in charge of the event. “This is a great opportunity to network with professionals.”

There will be prominent speakers presenting, as well. This includes: Harvard University Director of Athletics Bob Scalise, DraftKings Editor-in-Chief Justin Hathaway, and President of the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Josh Kraft.

This event is not only for sports management majors to attend, but can be beneficial for students of all majors. “We are including a sports communication panel focusing on public relations and social media as well as a race in baseball discussion which sociology and psychology majors may find interesting,” said Sulzer.

Mass Incarceration affects the mind

On October 5, Dr. Phillipe Copeland, a Clinical Assistant Professor of the School of Social Work at  Boston University, presented “The Mind on Mass Incarceration” in de Witt Hall to give students an insight on the psychological and social impact of mass incarceration on prisoners.

During  the presentation, Copeland touched on how prison affects the minds of prisoners of all ages, the U.S. prison industry, and racial equality. Copeland discussed how being placed in a prison damages  social life between friends and family, as well as harms a person’s reputation, making it difficult for past convicts to hold a career. There are many psychological factors that come with being incarcerated such as police brutality,  higher risk of suicide,  and sexual violence. The feeling of being isolated in solitary confinement has also been shown to cause mental illness in prisoners. According to Copeland, mental illness in prisoners is two to four times higher than  the general population.

Copeland encourages students to share his message through platforms that will reach out to a wide variety of connections, such as social media.

The presentation ended with a quote from American writer James Baldwin: “if a society permits one portion of its citizenry  to  be menaced and destroyed,  then very soon no one in  that society is safe.”

Fashion student wins $75,000 grant

Freshman Briana Muller of Berlin, Connecticut and her teammates recently won the FedEx Junior Business Challenge, receiving a $75,000 grant. Briana and her teammates created a product called “Lo-K8,” a locating device that tracks items people frequently lose, such as car keys or glasses.

Muller, a Fashion Merchandising major, says the experience helped to give her real-world experience she feels will help her in the field she is pursuing. Muller worked as part of the marketing team for “Lo-K8,” and says after developing the product with Stanley Black and Decker, they sold all 450 products in four weeks.

Muller says the team came up with the idea after surveying students about a number of potential product ideas. After competing in the first round of competition at the PGA Golf Tour in Connecticut, Muller and her team moved on to the national finals which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The team competed against four other finalist teams.

The grand prize of $75,000 from FedEx will go toward furthering the Junior Achievement program of Southwest New England to further support youth entrepreneurship.


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