PRIDE Club celebrates Coming Out Day

By Danielle Hogan – 1851 Staff 

PRIDE Club held “National Coming Out Day Open Mic” on October 11 where students had the opportunity to share stories and poems on stage. Photo by Margaret Brochu

On Wednesday, October 11, Lasell’s PRIDE Club hosted an Open Mic Night in Arnow Campus Center as part of National Coming Out Day.

Many students used the time as a safe space and platform to share their experiences. Some shared their coming out stories while others shared poems about coming out. Quite a few allies of the LGBTQ+ community also attended, several of whom stood up to say something. Many commended their friends and everyone sharing their stories.

“It’s an open and safe environment in which I feel comfortable,” said junior Brianna Silvia. “They share commonalities and accept you for who you are.”

Junior Jon Eroh is the Vice President of the PRIDE Club on campus. His goal for PRIDE is an  to create an open space for people to express themselves. Members don’t necessarily have to identify with a PRIDE related sexuality, or as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, in order to join. The club’s current agenda focuses on pushing for more LGBTQ+ initiatives on campus.

“Many people felt the positive energy and shared their stories,” Eroh said. “The best part of hosting events like that are to put the members and allies together.”

The energy of the room was nothing but positive, and both allies and people of the community were in attendance. Each volunteer felt empowered to share their experiences and their stories. Snaps echoed around the room in agreement, support, and happiness.

PRIDE is not a new club, however the members are trying to reface the existing organization. Eroh and other members are trying to bring the club more attention on campus.

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