Student athletes participate in Alcohol Awareness Week

By Danielle Hogan – 1851 Staff 

Lasell College’s Counseling Center hosted events for  National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week during the week of October 13 to 19. Men’s Basketball Coach Aaron Galletta sent an email asking student athletes to attend to influence the activism of student athletes on campus.

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week is a program where students, administrators, and other faculty across college campuses collaborate to create events to encourage safety and responsibility in regards to alcohol. On Tuesday, October 17, the Counseling Center hosted an alcohol screening outside Valentine Dining Hall. Students would fill out a survey and meet with counselors. There were other events around campus, such as sobriety tests and playing Mario Kart with drunk goggles on. According to their survey, students had a score of how at risk they are for alcoholism based on data collected from a number of college campuses. Counselors would give students a reflection according to their score, telling them if they should seek professional help.

Seniors Denise Landry and Erica Connors were recruited to encourage students and athletes to participate in the event. Both members of  the field hockey team, they were viable candidates to help encourage students to participate in the screening.

This is the first year student athletes were asked to participate, which helps increase student involvement in events like this. “There was a pretty good mix of students and athletes that participated in the event,” said Landry.

Connors gave some insight as to why this alcohol screening is important, saying  that a lot of what athletes do a few days before a game dictates how they perform. She also stressed that athletes are representing Lasell wherever they go and in anything they do even off campus. Alcohol will keep the body dehydrated for 48 hours, hence the 48-hour rule for athletes.

Landry said that some of the student athletes were shocked with their results. This event helped some athletes realize the amount of alcohol consumed by others. Landry described the counselors as friendly and approachable in the sessions following the surveys. Each of the meetings and surveys were private, and since you met with a counselor there was the element of confidentiality. The information and data gathered is also compared to schools everywhere, so it helped as well that students knew they were not the only ones facing these issues.

Landry and Connors agreed it was a positive experience. Alcohol Awareness Week is a national event to remind students to “Rethink the Drink.”

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