When can we feel safe again?

By Colin Froment – News Editor

If recent terrorist attacks have proven anything, it’s that they can happen at any moment in time, and no one is truly safe.

The attack in Las Vegas on October 1 was a horrible tragedy that destroyed what should have been such a memorable experience for the people present. They were trying to enjoy the excitement that would have created wonderful memories to have for the rest of their lives.

Even the most lively of places now have the potential to turn into dreadful acts of violence. As students begin to reach gambling age, they may want to visit areas, such as Las Vegas, to have fun while surrounded by the people they want to cherish time with. It appears we have reached a point where we have to fear for our lives no matter where we end up.

The attacks in London over the summer have also caused us a lot of worry for our fellow students. Our study abroad program has become one of the most successful programs on campus, with hundreds of students traveling the globe looking for the journey of a lifetime. Acts of terrorism in countries where students are studying has us all worrying for our friends’ safeties. Who’s to say another attack won’t happen somewhere else? Our students studying abroad are facing the risk of being a victim of an attack in an unfamiliar country while their friends and family are left hoping that everything is going to be alright.

And what plan does our government have? Intimidating our enemies by provoking a series of attacks that will only challenge them to retaliate with even more dire consequences.

Since this strategy does not seem to improve our safety, we must turn to ourselves to keep looking out for one another as one community. As we aspire to travel the world for breathtaking adventures, we now have to be concerned in the event us or one of the people we care about is at the center of a horrific catastrophe. No one anywhere is truly safe from an attack that can happen when we least expect it. Domestic terrorism has taken so many lives and caused the most pain to their kin; when will it take away someone you know? Whether it is a weekend in Vegas or a semester-long study in another country, terrorists will continue to target our loved ones at the most exotic landmarks.

We, as the Lasell community, must hope the best for our fellow students and continue to think of all of them when they are off on these adventures. Keep in touch with everyone; anyone can potentially be lost wherever they end up. I have met some of the most wonderful people in my life on campus that are choosing to study abroad soon, and I would give anything to make sure they will remain safe. I challenge everyone to feel that way, too.

To those currently or about to study abroad, we’re all thinking of you. Have the time of your lives, but most importantly, be safe with every step outside. You’ll always be an integral part of what makes this school thrive, and with the state of our personal security constantly at risk, your friends and family are looking forward more than ever to see you come home.

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