Winsor leads Campus Police as new Chief

By Shannon Hart – 1851 Staff 

Robert Winsor was recently announced as the new Chief of Campus Police following the retirement of previous chief, Jack Kennedy.

The former lieutenant joined the Campus Police Department back in 2015. Winsor comes to Lasell with 25 years of  experience in law enforcement and served in the United States Air Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

“My main commitment to this community is to keep it safe. As a police officer, that is what our goal is. We provide many services on campus, however, our priority is keeping everyone here safe,” said Winsor.

As Chief of Police, Winsor’s role is to address that every measure is taken to ensure the utmost safety for students, faculty, and staff. “I truly believe that our students are very safe.  We have at least two officers on per shift that are patrolling the campus. In addition, The City of Newton has an excellent police department and regularly patrol around the campus,” he said.

There are several initiatives that Chief Winsor plans to enforce over time to provide a safer campus.

“I am looking into some initiatives; I want to see officers on walking patrols and bike patrols more,” said Winsor.

Winsor wants to continue to develop campus police to be the best it can be. “I plan on improving the Campus Police Department by stressing to our officers the importance of professionalism. Also, I am working on training for our officers in various categories,” he said.

“Since I have been working for Lasell College, I have been trying to make our police department more integrated in the community we serve,” said Winsor.

“I have enjoyed working at Lasell College because of the community. As I walk around campus, everyone is very polite and considerate of one another. There is a sense of pride within the Lasell community that really makes this a great place to be,” said Winsor.

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