Once upon a parking spot

By Taylor Fallon-McMahon – Contributing Writer

If one were to ask a Lasell student what the institution’s biggest downfall is, it is highly likely that they would say the parking. Every morning students and staff struggle to find parking on campus, and need to resort to other options, all while making it to class at the correct time. Many other schools around the area have plenty of designated spots for faculty and students at a cheap rate, assuring spots for all. All in all, Lasell needs to fix their current parking fiasco.

The number one problem with parking is the amount of spots available versus parking permits being given away. It is quite obvious that there are more people parking than there are spots, resulting in every lot being full more often than not. These lots are being shared by commuters, residents, staff, and guests. There is no possible way to fit all of these vehicles in the small amount of lots offered. Most of the time, all lots are full, and drivers need to scurry around campus each morning to find alternative areas to park their cars. Street parking is more difficult than the parking lots, as there are several rules and regulations restricting parking at certain times by Newton law. Needless to say, this is a lose-lose situation, unless you arrive at the crack of dawn for a spot.

Another problem with the parking is the price. A parking permit for a resident is $540 per year, and is only valid for one year. An average student with a car on campus for all 4 years will spend a total of $2,160 to park their car in a nonexistent spot. As if a $50,000 tuition isn’t enough, the school decides to overprice parking. Most college students are struggling to pay for school as it is, therefore, there is no reason as to why one would need to be spending thousands of dollars for a car to be on campus.

The problems don’t stop there, as distance from school is another issue. Even with the new parking lot opening alongside the new Science and Technology Center building, most residential students are being assigned to park in lots 1-3 miles away from campus. This means that they are supposed to take a shuttle or walk from school to these lots. This is a hassle for many students, adding an extra 30+ minutes to their journey every time. Many students have classes during the day, and jobs off campus at night, which results in issues for students, and times may conflict with the unpredictable shuttle arrivals/departures. Planning a trip has to be based around the shuttle schedule, which they tend to not stick to anyways.

Granted the negatives outweigh the positives. It is obvious that the main reason why parking is so bad is because the main lot has been blocked off for the recent construction. It is noticed that the situation must be stressful for campus police, and they are tending the best they care. Although it is rather difficult to have the biggest lot being used, there could definitely be better alternatives for this issue.

In conclusion, the parking here needs to be adjusted for all students. Whether they create new spaces for students to park, or lower the price due to the circumstances, something needs to be changed quickly. Residents, staff and commuters have filed so many complaints, and need to see this change for a better Lasell experience.

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