Baseball remains fun after all

By Patrick Colvin – Contributing Writer

Recently, there have been discussions in the baseball community about the sport is slowly becoming boring.  The main complaints discuss how baseball isn’t entertaining enough and the games are too long to watch.

However, it is tough to argue with these couple weeks of playoff season, baseball has not been intriguing to watch.  The Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs started on October 3 in New York with the Yankees versus the Minnesota Twins.

The first game got off to a start anybody would be pleased with. The Twins came out swinging the bats and scored three runs in the first inning of the American League Wild Card game. Meanwhile, Yankee’s starter Luis Severino got taken out of the game after recording one out. Then the Yankees bounced back and scored seven runs in the first four innings going onto win eight to four.

The National League Wild Card was a spectacular battle to witness.  It was a back and forth battle between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies, and throughout the game, there were only two out of nine innings where a run was not scored.  The Diamondbacks won the high scoring eleven to eight matchup.

It baffles me someone can say either of these games were too boring to watch.  It is nonstop action where the crowd is locked in on the game, the players are emotional, the adrenaline is high, there are comeback victories, and we’ve even seen multiple game winning hits.  There’s not many more qualities that can interest a viewer into watching.

Those were just the first two games of the postseason.  In the American League Divisional Series, there was the best of five series with the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox.  The Astros rallied back in the last inning of game four and knocked the Red Sox out.

In the best of seven Championship Series which means the next round is the long-anticipated World Series.  The Astros held off the Yankees four games to three in a thrilling series on the American League side. In the National League, the Dodgers knocked off the defending champs, the Chicago Cubs, in five games.  Although the Dodgers dominated, no fan can argue the Yankees and Astros series had just as much thrill.  We saw a game seven and a series comeback by the Astros.  Going into game six, the Yankees were winning the best of seven series three to two.

The World Series started at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  The teams played two close games but they split.  The Dodgers won game one 3-1, but the Astros won game two 7-6.  Game three resulted in another close Astros win.  Then in game four, the Dodgers scored five runs in the last inning to tie the series.  Game five was a game baseball haters can’t deny wasn’t fun to watch.  The entire game was full of far gone home runs and comebacks while maintaining an exhilarating pace. The final score ended up being an absurd 13-12.  The Dodgers won the next game to force game seven.  The Astros ended up winning the World Series for the first time in franchise history.

Baseball has suffered a stereotype of being considered slow and tedious to watch at times, but sports fans are not looking deep into their research.  Fans got to witness home runs, good pitching, strategic coaching and saw a win or go home game seven.  When it comes down to a winner take all game, it’s must watch television.  Even if you aren’t a huge baseball fan, try giving playoff baseball a chance. The competitive nature of the sport is what generate the most intense moments in any sport throughout history.

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