A love letter to my home

Leanne Signoriello – Features Editor

I’m really fortunate that I didn’t have the type of childhood where my family moved from place to place. I haven’t faced a lot of geographical change, and for most of my life, I have been able to call Cape Cod my home.

Many people think of the Cape as a beautiful destination for an ideal family getaway in the summer. With endless beaches, campgrounds, and astonishing sunsets, how could you not want to grow up in such a picturesque setting?  After all, there are not many situations where you can use your arm as a map to describe to people where you live (props to you if you understand what I’m talking about).

I remember growing up thinking about how desperately I wanted to leave the isolated area. I grew frustrated with having to sit in endless amounts of tourist traffic trying to get to my summer job, and stuck facing the bare and empty ghost-town that the Cape became in the winter months. I often joke about how it takes nearly 45 minutes to get to the closest Target or that I can spot out a tourist in an instant based on what preposition they use to describe their time visiting the man-made island.

It wasn’t until I left Cape Cod to attend college that I started to appreciate the place I consider home. When I came to Lasell as a freshman, it was the first time I was in a new setting on my own and without the people I grew close to for the past 18 years. I was stripped of all the people and places I found comfort in. Everything I had ever known was left on the man-made island I called home, and I wanted nothing more than to return to the place I took for granted.

Now fast forward three and a half years. As I start to think about the next few steps in my life, considering the fact that I will be graduating less than six months from now, I start to get sentimental over the possibility I will be leaving the places I consider home, both the Cape and Newton.

Here at Lasell, I have built a new and different life for myself. Over the last three and a half years I have surrounded myself with new people, worked new jobs, and have found new favorite restaurants and places to explore. I now have local businesses I’m a regular at, backroads that I’m familiar with, and places to meet up with my friends in the city after a long work week.

Although I am so thankful to call such an amazing place like Cape Cod my home, I have made room in my heart for Boston. I truly believe that where we come from has a role in the person we are. We should all be proud of where we come from, the differences among us, and our unique perceptions of our surroundings, but also be open to changes and new experiences in our future. Be open to change, it’s one of the only things guaranteed in life.

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