Lasell Works helps reduce college costs

By Alex Balletto & Ruth Kehinde – Copy Editor & 1851 Staff

Lasell Works, a four-year degree program with a declining tuition rate, is set to roll out in Fall 2018.

President Alexander started the Lower Models for Independent Colleges Consortium (LCMC), with other presidents and representatives from 19 colleges across the nation, with the goal of lowering tuition cost.

Brought back to Lasell, the Low Cost Alternative Study Group was developed, which included staff and faculty on campus.

The focus group designed the Sophomore Alternative Semester (SAS) program, where sophomores spend a semester off campus, working and taking online classes.

“Lasell Works was then made as an extension from SAS,” said Gillian Stanley, Director of Graduate Student Services.

Lasell Works provides a cost-savings, four-year program. This program is designed to give students, both on and off campus, the opportunity to pursue a degree with a declining tuition rate.

Students can request to be in the program during their first year. Sophomores are required to live off campus for both Fall and Spring semesters. While living off campus, students must have a part-time job. This job can be in the student’s field of study or in an unrelated job.

While living off campus and employed, students will take specific Lasell Works classes online. A full menu of online services are provided for assistance with online classes. A series of web resources include Time Management Strategies, Academic Support, online library services, and online orientations that will help students navigate Moodle. There will also be online tutoring where students can reach their professors through email and Skype.

“Lasell also has online IT support 24/7 which students can use to their advantage,” Stanley said.

Vice President for Graduate and Professional Studies Eric Turner says this experience will “enable students to use the world as their classroom.”

This will allow students to have the experience, skills, and cost-savings needed to launch themselves into successful careers.

Juniors will return and continue with their career development plans and think towards their major specific internship experience. Juniors will have a seminar which discusses their experience, allowing them to reflect on found strengths and weaknesses of being in the work place.

Senior students will continue their professional development plans; likewise, they will take courses that focus on their major.

Throughout the four years, students and families will benefit total reductions of $10,000.

“This program will be interesting and exciting for students to participate in for them to use this low cost aspect to structure their education,” said Turner.

“The goal is for them to hit the ground running,” Stanley said.

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