Take Back the Night empowers survivors

By Danielle Hogan – 1851 Staff

Lasell held “Take Back the Night” in de Witt Hall on November 29, giving survivors the opportunity to share their stories about sexual and domestic violence. Photo by Michael Bueno

Over 300 students gathered in de Witt Hall for “Take Back the Night” on November 29, 2017.  At the event, many gathered to support survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

The event was hosted by Assistant Professor of Justice Studies Karin Raye. The student organizers for the event were were part of her domestic violence class. Presenters and select students wore purple leis to signify their expertise in domestic and sexual violence support.

Multiple sports teams assisted in organizing the event, including the lacrosse, baseball, soccer, and basketball teams. Team members attended and participated in the event’s discussions.

There were four student speakers at the event, but all will remain anonymous.

One speaker said, “Speaking at ‘Take Back the Night’ was a humbling and freeing experience that helped me see that I’m not the only one that’s been impacted by these issues and that I have more support than I knew about.”

“Safe spaces like this are essential on college campuses to break the silence that traps survivors into thinking they are alone or will not be believed,” said Raye.

The primary theme for the event was, “Listen, Learn, Support, and Connect.” Two organizations, REACH and The Second Step, were present to ease any tension from the serious subject matter of the event.

“[Students] understand me and I understand them,” the speaker said about the event.

“The Lasell community stood together to elevate, listen to, and believe survivors of sexual and domestic violence,” said Raye. “it was a powerful and inspiring evening.”

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