Alumni talk life after college

By Morgan VanWickler  Art Director

alumni panel
Student Alumni Association hosted an alumni panel on November 15 featuring (L-R) Katie Rathbun (’16), Gabriella Giangregorio (16′), Kevin Moloney (’14), and Ginelle Gaulin (’10). Photo by Katie Schneider

On November 15, Student Alumni Association hosted an alumni panel for their organization members and the rest of the Lasell community. The panel consisted of four Lasell graduates; Katie Rathbun (‘16), Gabriella Giangregorio (‘16), Kevin Moloney (‘14), and Ginelle Gaulin (‘10) and was moderated by SAA members Rosa DelCarmen and Ali Barlett.

The first round of questions was directed towards the alumni’s Lasell experience and how the college is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce. Maloney, a history major who now works as a Student Services Staff Assistant at Harvard Kennedy School, said he learned the importance of going above and beyond on any task assigned. Hard work never goes unnoticed, so it’s important to leave a good impression.

This thought process coincided with Gaulin’s advice. She was an early-childhood education major who received her master’s in special education and now works as a TLP teacher at Medford Public Schools. “All the connections you build here help you build connections later on in life,” Gaulin said.

This was an overarching theme of the panel’s responses. Rathbun, a hospitality management major who now works as an account coordinator for EF Tours, said that when she decided to apply for a position at EF she went straight to Career Services. There, they helped her build and format her resume.

The alumni also stressed getting involved on campus. Both Rathbun and Moloney were orientation leaders the summer before their sophomore year, and credit this experience to getting them involved in other organizations. They both went on to participate in the service learning trips like Alternative Spring Break, which proved to be a great source for long-lasting friends and growing as an individual.

Giangregorio, a hospitality and event management major who now works as the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving of Lasell College, took advantage of the internship opportunities at Lasell, having three by the time she graduated. Gaulin was very involved in the CCBL and worked in the PACES program, which was her first experience working with children in a school setting.

In addition to taking advantage of the opportunities presented by clubs and organizations on campus, Giangregorio said that one of her regrets is not taking advantage of Lasell’s one credit Excel course. Each alum said that they have needed to use Excel at some point in their career and would have been able to avoid basic training of the program if they had been taught Excel specifics in college.

Another aspect of the panel discussion was about building up to securing the first job. The alumni spoke on the difficulty of finding a job right out of school and provided tips on how to nail an interview.

College graduates may be under the impression that they get the opportunity to work their dream job right out of college and that they only have to apply to a handful of job openings.

This, however, is far from the truth according to the panel. “It’s tough, everybody is applying for the same position,” said Rathbun.

“Don’t expect to find your dream job right away,” said Gaulin. By entering other job positions that one didn’t necessarily plan on trying, a person is able to broaden their horizons.

Rathbun also said to try not to stress about the future. “You don’t have to have it all figured out,” she said.


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