“Reactions” provokes thoughts

By Pavel Zlatin – 1851 Staff 

Brianna Tepper’s “Reactions” was displayed in the Wedeman Art Gallery from November 4-8 and featured pieces from emerging artists in the area. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Zimakov

On Saturday, November 4, Brianna Tepper’s exhibit titled “Reactions” opened at the Wedeman Art Gallery. The artist’s reception featured various performers who shared their poems, songs, and stories with the audience. 

Tepper started her academic career as a graphic design major. After spending her junior year at Florence University of the Arts, she switched her major to arts management.

“I was working on new exhibits every month and it was addicting. I fell in love with curating: interacting with artists and their work is fascinating to me,” said Tepper. “While abroad, I switched majors to arts management and haven’t looked back since.”

“Reactions” is an exhibit that brought together people of different views, genders, races, and ages. Tepper carefully selected an extremely diverse group of performers and artists. The artists ranged in age from 18 to 94. The list of artists and performers is incredibly diverse, including students, alumni, independent artists of different ages, professors, and Lasell Villagers. A total of 30 artists and 9 performers contributed to the exhibit.

Brianna Tepper’s “Reactions” was displayed in the Wedeman Art Gallery from November 4-8 and featured pieces from emerging artists in the area. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Zimakov

Several artists from Lasell, and from the area in general, submitted works for the exhibit. However, Tepper specifically asked several emerging artists, whom she’s been following for years, to make special artworks for the exhibit and the reception. Those artists included David Falvey, Connor O’Rourke, Michael Giroux, Benjamin Riley, and Tessie Connors.

“As for the performers, most were from Lasell Village and most have been writing poetry for only a couple years. I was very excited to have a freshman, Margaux Dickinson, and an alumna, Lisa Chanelle, to perform very powerful spoken word pieces,” said Tepper. “All the performers complemented each other, it just fell into place perfectly.”

“Reactions” is an extremely successful selection of artworks and performances that covered the topic of the exhibit, which basically is people’s reaction on everything that happened in 2017.  Artists and performers raised many contemporary issues like racism, sexism, and ageism.

“The subject was timely, given that it was roughly on the anniversary of the election. Art is one constructive way to offer a spirited critique or comment on the state of the world and Brianna provided a safe and creative venue for many people to do just that,” said Director of the Arts Department Kenneth Calhoun. “I was proud of Brianna’s organizational skills, her tasteful choices as a curator, and her generous turns at the mic as the night’s MC. She set the bar high for next year’s arts management seniors.”

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