With humor, Phallacies educates

By Danielle Hogan – 1851 Staff

Phallacies, a show about issues like consent, abuse, and rape from a man’s perspective was performed in de Witt Hall on October 25. Photo by Danielle Hogan

On October 25, the male cast of Phallacies performed in de Witt Hall to educate students about issues surrounding men’s health.  

Phallacies is a series of monologues and scenes that touch upon serious topics such as consent, gender intersectionality, abusive relationships, and rape. The show is the male equivalent of the Vagina Monologues, which is performed at Lasell every winter.

The production takes on the male perspective of very intense events by performing skits. In one skit, four men were in a car and two of the guys called out the window derogatory and objectifying comments and statements. The other two men were very defensive of the woman and explained, in a healthy and constructive conversation, why it’s wrong.

The cast demonstrated how a man can have a difficult conversation with another man when dealing with certain issues. Calling out the behavior helps recognize how wrong it is, by having a difficult, but important, conversation.

Actor and board of directors member, Yevin Roh, a University of Massachusetts Amherst Medical School student, said:  “One of the biggest reasons I think Phallacies is important is because it shows men that we’re leading by example. We’re being accountable to our own community, we’re saying that men have a role in ending sexism, men have a role in supporting other men… It breaks the idea that being in touch with one’s emotions and needs is something exclusive to one gender.”

“I also think, in terms of why it’s important, we know that there are also men and trans folks who are survivors,” actor and executive director of Phallacies Tom Schiff said.

“We know that it’s not only men who are perpetrators, but we do know that most of the perpetrators are men… So yes, it’s important for us to speak up, speak out, and to support people of all genders,” Schiff said.

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