Eataly: A fresh taste of Italian cuisine

By Colin Froment & Brian Cohen – News Editor & 1851 Staff

eataly pic-2
Eataly is located at 800 Boylston Street, Boston, in the Prudential Center. Photo by Colin Froment

The Prudential Center is home to many restaurants that highlight various culinary cultures, and Eataly is a great representation of Italian customs in a unique presentation that is bound to attract anyone who is looking for a taste for some of the finest handcrafted Italian food in the area. 

Eataly replicates a traditional Italian marketplace centered around food, almost like a smaller and scaled down version of Faneuil Hall Marketplace. There are cheese shops, meat shops, four sit down restaurants, Italian cafes, and bakeries all located in one enclosed shop that makes it easy to find any type of preferred food.

It was overwhelming after first walking in and absorbing the vast amount of options to explore while feeling the atmosphere of a market in Rome or Florence. It is often times busy and tough to move around due to massive crowds that flood the marketplace, but the selection of items to purchase and options to eat is worth the wait. There is always a place to eat no matter how long it might take to get to the front of the line.

The sandwiches are wonderfully handcrafted to feel authentic while being made in a short amount of time. The cheese in particular tasted fresh and was warm enough without feeling too soggy. It might be a little too small for a complete meal, but ordering a bag of salt chips as a side will end up satisfying.

La Pizza & La Pasta is a sit-down spot with traditional thin crust pizza that will fall apart in your hands. It offers a selection of fine mozzarella cheeses that are served with other options on a board. While each slice was extremely tasty, it may take a hefty amount out of the wallet, especially  if on a college budget.

No meal is complete without a prime dessert, and Eataly offers lovely Italian cannolis to enjoy before departing. There are just as many options to fill each cannoli as there are places to eat. It becomes easy to enjoy a rich vanilla or scrumptious chocolate filling with every bite and becomes hard to resist a second helping.

Despite a large number of delicious food options, Eataly lacks the service desired from its workers. Not many employees who were taking orders had a smile on their faces or looked friendly enough to feel completely gratified. It almost ruins the community-based atmosphere that the restaurant was attempting to pull off.

Eataly is a great stop for organic Italian food of any variety even with often high prices and a service that needs improvement. Eataly is a tremendous eating experience and is a sight to see for anyone in the Back Bay section of Boston.

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