Justice League delivers some justice

By Colin Froment – News Editor

justice league-2
Justice League stars pictured from left to right: Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, and Flash. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Justice League has set the groundwork for all superhero teams since their comic’s debut in 1960. With superhero films becoming some of the most popular blockbusters in today’s cinemas, it was only a matter of time before DC’s trademark crew finally got their screen time. 

“Justice League” is far from the spectacular adaptation these heroes deserved, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any excitement to be found.

After the death of Superman in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Batman and Wonder Woman recruit Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg to form a team and battle the god Steppenwolf before he uses three ancient artifacts called Mother Boxes to conquer the world.  One of the best aspects of the film is the Justice League themselves. Unlike DC’s last team-up film, “Suicide Squad,” each member of the team shares their own unique personalities and contributes heavily to the plot. Gal Gadot still manages to shine as Wonder Woman and proves that the the Amazon warrior will continue to stick around for a while.

The Flash and Aquaman, played by Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa respectively, are some of the most charismatic characters on screen, and both share an equal amount of heart and humor the film needed. Ray Fisher’s Cyborg is a teenager that struggles with what little humanity he feels he has left, presenting a relatable conflict to those who are still attempting to figure out their real purpose in life.

The chemistry between the heroes once fully assembled is a wonderful mash of emotion in colorful costumes. These characters combined produces the film’s most pleasurable fight scenes.

From the Flash’s slow-motion sequences to Aquaman leaping off the Batmobile, there are always moments that are amazing to witness. The storyline is not groundbreaking, but it manages to satisfy without feeling disorganized. The film’s short length leaves out a lot of potential that could have prevented the plot from occasionally stepping into cliché territory.

There are some instances in the story that make it difficult to distinguish from other well-known successful superhero adventures. Steppenwolf, played and voiced by Ciaran Hinds, is a powerful, but uninteresting choice for the film’s villain. His presence attempts to be menacing but becomes forgettable by the film’s conclusion. He doesn’t appear in any scenes that create any consequences or present a serious threat to the heroes. Ben Affleck’s Batman, one of the best highlights from Batman v. Superman, is sadly more watered down and delivered less action than one would hope.

“Justice League” is a flawed, but certainly fun movie to enjoy. It attempts to soar as high as Superman with valuable effort, but still can’t seem to stick the landing. It’s a movie that does properly introduce the Justice League to mainstream audiences, but leaves much room for improvement for when the team comes together again in the future.

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