Shrek has ogre appeal, with many layers

By Seán McGlone – Editor-in-Chief

Lasell College Drama Club performed “Shrek the Musical” for five shows from November 16-19 in Yamawaki Auditorium. The production retells the classic children’s movie with song and dance. Photo by Cassidy Murray

Lasell College Drama Club (LCDC) performed their highly-anticipated rendition of “Shrek the Musical” in five separate shows from November 16 – 19. The children’s movie brought-to-life showcased Lasell’s diverse and exciting cast playing characters that can only be described as unconventional.“Shrek the Musical” is a theatrical take on the classic children’s movie released in 2001. First performed in 2008, it tells the unpredictable love story of Shrek, an ogre, and Princess Fiona, mixed in with a slew of musical numbers.

The musical was directed by Assistant Professor of Music and Performing Arts Lori L’Italien, musically directed by Ben Oehlkers, and choreographed by Danny Sullivan. It opens up with Shrek (Spencer Kosior) and Fiona (Sarah Gelineau) sharing their stories of how they found themselves cast away from society. At the age of seven, Shrek was sent away by his parents, to be chased off by the local townspeople, and Fiona was banished by her respective parents to live in a dragon-guarded castle and wait for the day her true love arrives.

Senior Spencer Kosior played fairy tale outcast Shrek in LCDC’s recent production of “Shrek the Musical.” Photo by Seán McGlone

After Lord Farquaad (Gregg Casazza), kicks all of the fairytale “freaks” out of Duloc, the banished characters invade Shrek’s swamp. Furious, Shrek decides to confront Farquaad in order to get his swamp back.

Farquaad then gives Shrek the task of rescuing Princess Fiona for him, in exchange for the deed to his swap. Along with his new “friend” Donkey (Taylor Powell), Shrek sets off on his journey.

Photo by Michael Bueno

The musical has all of the classic moments that people love from the movie, including Gingy’s “not the gumdrop buttons!” line, Shrek’s famous onion lecture to Donkey, and Fiona’s shrill voice causing the singing bird to explode. In addition, the show includes a few surprises, such as a visit from Farquaad’s father.

“I think Shrek and Donkey were hilarious,” said sophomore Chloe Boyce “I saw [the musical] in high school and I think that this performance was a lot better because the characters were so developed and everyone seemed passionate about what they were doing.”

Photo by Seán McGlone

LCDC’s performance showed tremendous versatility. The whole cast was able to sing and dance at the same time, all the while drawing emotion and laughter out of the audience. Songs like “Don’t Let Me Go,” “Forever,” and “Make A Move” made the audience laugh while slower songs like “Story of My Life,” “Who I’d Be,” and “Freak Flag” used pathos to appeal to the audience’s softer side. The show was a tremendous new look into a story that so many people thought they already knew.

“I thought it was hilarious… I liked the costumes, [they] were good and the quick changes were flawless,” said sophomore Christa Augustus.

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