Letter to the editor

Jill Carey – Professor of Fashion

In response to Paris Adams’s editorial piece in The 1851 Chronicle, I suggest the following:

Consider, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” In other words, think of the fashion department as a whole entity with various interconnecting threads rather than individual tracks that do not benefit one another. The industry thrives from the interrelationship between design, communications, as well as retail merchandising and in fact could and would not exist without this interdependency.  Therefore, curricular and professional opportunities within and beyond the fashion department have the potential to benefit all students as well as the wider community.    

In specifically addressing the communications and promotions degree, the faculty are diligently working on course structure and content that meets the demands of an ever-changing business landscape. We are most fortunate to have excellent internship opportunities and board members who specialize in fashion communications and promotion to assist with appropriate and exciting recommendations.

In my opinion and as a senior faculty member, I believe that the future looks bright as long as we continue to mentor students, such as Paris, for her willingness to come forward as, a confident upperclassman with a strong voice of advocacy for herself and her peers.



Fashion Professor Jill Carey

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