Merchandise pops up with Studio 1851

By Avery Stankus & Olivia Angerosa – 1851 Staff

Stduio 1851 Shirt-1
Designs found on t-shirts and sweatshirts resemble the Donahue building, which is viewed as a home to fashion students. Photo by Olivia Angerosa

Since its creation by a group of students, Studio 1851 has already evolved as its own independent retailer over the last few months. 

With a fashion program like Lasell’s, some may have wondered why students never had their own retail store on campus.

That question was answered when a group of students from Professor Kristin Kinsky’s Retail Operations class developed the idea for a small boutique to be opened on campus as their final project.

After getting approval from senior management, the committee of seven students this semester and two successful pop-up shops behind them, there’s been lots of lessons learned and achievements made. “They pulled together a great symposium,” said Kinksy. “We did $1,500 in an hour, between our own product and a little bit of the wool product we sell from another company as well.”

Students have observed the responsibilities of running a retail store. “We want to keep the connected learning approach, and it helps prospective students get a look into how hands-on our department is,” said junior Meghan Bailey. Putting thought into what would be meaningful to the student body, the group wanted the store to reach all five schools, not just fashion.

Studio 1851 Group-2
Designs found on t-shirts and sweatshirts resemble the Donahue building, which is viewed as a home to fashion students. Photo courtesy of Kristin Kinsky

Studio 1851 junior Ashley Burke, is a great example of this. The fashion communication student minoring in graphic design is a part of the Graphc Design League (GDL). “Studio 1851 came to us looking for a logo or any t-shirt designs. So we held a design contest within GDL and the logo that ended up getting picked was designed by Emma Witbeck,” said Burke.

After the logo was selected, a t-shirt design was needed, Burke was able to assist with the creation. “I came up with the idea after senior Austin Averna suggested doing something with the Donahue building since it’s the center for the fashion community here. It was a nice kick off to the brand,” said Burke.

Junior Mattison Trotter, a part of the student-run shop since the beginning, believes this opportunity has shown her that if you have an idea and put your mind to it, you can make it work. “You learn how to create your own business and to deal with obstacles that come your way,” says Trotter.

As of now, Studio 1851 is just a pop-up shop as the name is still gaining recognition, but the creators’ ultimate goal is to obtain a physical place for the products. “I would love if we had a retail store by the time I graduate,” said Trotter. “Even if it was in the process of starting it, that would even be a huge success. We’re hoping for any space we can possibly get.”

“I’m prouder than I ever could have imagined and that’s the best part of this. Seeing them work together to produce this, they put a lot of hard work in,” said Kinsky. “We’re a baby, we’re learning, we’re growing.”

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