President Trump: A year in review

By Seán McGlone & Morgan Van Wickler – Editor-in-Chief & Art Director


Pro: Whether it be for his brash attitude, his unapologetic comments or his reluctance to listen to just about anyone but himself, President Donald Trump has certainly made an impact in his first year as president. 

We can start by looking at his Twitter account – Trump has made a political career 140 characters at a time and has garnered almost 50 million followers because of it. Tweeting his uncensored thoughts himself, he’s brought not only a personal touch to the presidency, but he’s also created another political avenue for the 21st century.

This use of social media has also connected Trump with young voters that otherwise might not have been paying attention to politics. Now they’re scrolling through their timeline just to see what their president is thinking about.

Another hot topic has been his views on immigration. While the idea of building a wall or having a travel ban seem extreme, the idea behind it is that Trump is trying to protect America’s borders. As the president, Trump should be looking into ways to keep America safe. If that means some unconventional tactics in order to prevent dangers from coming in through undocumented citizens, then he should at least look into it. For President Trump, the mentality is that in America, Americans come first and there can’t be any hesitation or doubts when it comes to protecting its borders.

Finally, there is the president’s relationship with North Korea. Whether it’s calling Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man” or promising “fire and fury” against North Korea if Jong-Un continued to make comments about the United States, Trump has made it clear the U.S. is being forceful with its policy towards North Korea. Of course these comments were extreme, and they were made solely by Trump himself without anyone else’s knowledge. However, if one thing is clear from Trump’s comments, it’s that he wants to send a message to North Korea that the United States is not to be messed with.

While these comments were brash and quite possibly said as a personal vendetta for President Trump saying he would not go laying down, Trump wanted to show North Korea and the world the United States has no fear and will not be pushed around by anyone. In Trump’s eyes, the United States has not been aggressive enough in recent years and it’s time America makes clear we will not be the victim of threats. This coincides with the idea of ‘Making America Great Again’ by keeping America strong in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Con: How can the president’s first 365 days in office be summed up in 350 words?

Let’s begin with how President Trump prides himself on not being a politician. Yet, it seems that whenever he speaks, he is only addressing 41 percent, according to 538, of Americans and his fellow Republican buddies.

Trump chooses to deliver news to the American public via Twitter, which is disrespectful. He boasts about his new tax plan or choice to pull from the Paris Agreement. He’s fallen victim to the petty conversations that social media brings out, like mocking the dictator of North Korea. Trump looks no better than an angsty teenager ranting online.

Another bump in the road would be Trump’s ideas on immigration. Trump tends to lump everyone together. When he discusses gangs like MS-13, he blames immigration as a whole for the violence. He even talks down on the Muslim religion.

Continuing down the list of highlights, or rather ‘lowlights,’ homeowners in high property tax states like Massachusetts may not receive any of the proposed middle-class tax breaks due to the elimination of itemized deductions. This may appear to not be as significant of a problem… but if the rest of the middle class is receiving a couple thousand dollars from their taxes, doesn’t that put the families not receiving money at a disadvantage?

In addition to the mortgage interest deduction, Trump’s tax plan eliminates the student loan interest deduction, which is worth $2,500. Republican lawmakers claim that payment plans are enough to suffice students’ handling of their student debt, but I would argue there are plenty other bigger government subsidies that prove more draining to their bank account.

The final issue that makes the 350-word cut is global warming. Trump’s decision to pull from the Paris Agreement was a shocker. Rather than acknowledging science and taking responsibility for the effect that the U.S. has on damaging the earth, Trump has made it about “America.”

America is one of the world’s superpowers, and our presence is required to hold other countries accountable.

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