Return from abroad equals culture shock

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Before coming home from abroad, I was told about the inevitable culture shock I’d experience being back in a familiar setting. I didn’t expect life to stand still, but I wasn’t thinking I would come back to so much change. After I said my goodbyes, flew back from South Africa, and endured more than 18 hours of flying and driving, I was home at last.  

Returning to Lasell for the spring semester has been quite the adjustment. When I was abroad, I didn’t have a ton of commitments. I would go to class and joined the BTK hiking club, but that was pretty much the only involvement I had at the university. Not having to be somewhere at all times of the day was nice to get used to. It allowed me to do a lot of traveling, hiking and exploring around Stellenbosch.

As this semester progresses, I find myself thinking back to the simpler days when I was in South Africa, but I’m very happy to be back at Lasell with familiar faces and communication classes (a few things I missed in the fall).

As I get back into my groove with school, clubs, and work, I also have been adapting to Lasell’s changes. This includes the Science and Technology Center, Chartwells as the new dining service, and the five schools in academics.

The last time I saw the new building I was getting a tour in the midst of construction for a story. It’s so cool seeing a final result and connecting the reality of the building to the vision I first heard Vice President Michael Hoyle explain to me.

I certainly have noticed a difference at the dining hall. Chartwells dining services has been good in the sense that they serve fresh ingredients and they have more foods that can be mixed with food from other stations. The new coffee they supply is also a bonus!

As with the five schools, I haven’t seen much of a difference in the structure of my academics. Probably due to the fact that I have a year left at Lasell and I’m grandfathered into the communications department, which is one of the five groupings.

Overall, it’s great to be back at Lasell. I experienced going to a university with a undergraduate student population of 27,000. It was fun while it lasted, but I missed being on a small campus where people know who you are, and where you can have a relationship with professors. It’s the little things that make me appreciate what I have.

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