“A Parallel Presence” takes over the Wedeman Gallery

By Danielle Hogan, Megan Palumbo and Justin Fosdick – Arts Editor, Sports Editor and 1851 Staff

Wedeman 2
An oil painting by Kathleen Miller is featured in the Wedeman Gallery located in the Yamawaki Arts and Cultural Center. Photo by Danielle Hogan

“A Parallel Presence: Tradition Meets Innovation” is the latest exhibit in the Wedeman Gallery located in the Yamawaki Arts and Cultural Center.

“A Parallel Presence” is a celebration of visual art by female artists. The exhibit has displays from current members of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), Massachusetts chapter. 

These women are celebrating 128 years of cultivating public awareness and interest in visual art by women artists. The exhibit features a huge range of artists, including Joan Appel, Merry Beninato, Lorrie Berry, and Dale Sherman Blodget. Pieces include oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors, clay sculptures, art made from rubber bands and string, and other unique material work.

An artists’ reception was held in the gallery on January 28. The gallery offered light refreshments and hosted a large crowd. There was no specified theme for the gallery, as the pieces varied in style and material.

“We had a full house in here on Sunday for the artists’ reception so it was really awesome,” said Gallery Monitor Kierstan Hywell. “I think it’s probably one of the more successful shows we’ve had, but a lot of people in the Boston area know about us so we get visitors in and out all the time from different areas.”

Senior Kyle Vonick said his favorite piece in the gallery was “Ocean Blue” by Kathleen Miller. “It’s very calm and relaxing. I feel like I can walk into the painting, hear the waves and smell the ocean,” he said. The oil painting has contrasting textures; the beach portion of the painting is smooth, while the ocean is wavy and jumps off of the canvas.

The Wedeman Gallery in Yamawaki is two floors dedicated to supporting the extracurricular and educational programs of Lasell College and Lasell Village. The gallery has included works of local and national artists, as well as faculty and student artwork. For more information or to submit work for consideration, contact Gallery Director Vladimir Zimakov  (vzimakov@lasell.edu).

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