Cherrington brings wisdom to athletics

By Seán McGlone & Megan Palumbo – Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor

Kent Cherrington 1
Kent Cherrington stepped in as the Director of Athletic Communications and Home Event Coordinator on January 2. He previously served as Sports Information Director at Plymouth State University for 23 years. Photo by Seán McGlone

Kent Cherrington was recently hired as the Director of Athletic Communications and Home Event Coordinator for Lasell Athletics. He comes to Lasell after serving as the Sports Information Director (SID) for Plymouth State University for 23 years. 

The position became available after former SID Emily Machado left in November. Cherrington was selected by a committee of Lasell Athletics staff and students.  He officially started January 2.

“We were excited to have Kent as one of our candidates because he comes with a long tenure of experience,” said Athletic Director Kristy Walter. “I think he’s going to be able to increase the visibility of our program and of our athletes. He has a lot of experience in the sports information side. I think he’ll be a great mentor to sport management students.”

Despite joining athletics mid-year, Cherrington is taking a step back to learn more about the staff dynamics first. “I’ve been very impressed with the student workers that work here in Athletics at Lasell. They’re very engaged, and they want to get experience,” he said.

The feeling is mutual for junior game staff worker Ben Allen. “I couldn’t believe how much he knew about being a Sports Information Director,” said Allen. “We work at all the home games together mostly doing online stats.” Allen is one of 30 game staff workers that operate under Cherrington.

Besides attending the sports games, working with college students is Cherrington’s other favorite part about the position. During his many years of work, he’s found that Division III schools are where he’s most comfortable. “I think Division III is more balanced,” Cherrington said. “It’s a little less hard driving, and kids seem more well-rounded, not just here to play their sport.”

Outside of games, Cherrington is looking forward to working with students that are seeking jobs in the sports field. He’s learned a key component is networking. Before coming to Lasell that’s what he relied on. “What I had to do is contact all the people that I know in this profession,” said Cherrington. Having 23 years of experience at Plymouth State allowed him to have these connections.

However, he suggests for newcomers to get involved working or volunteering for an organization that relates to the student’s field of interest. Cherrington says, “Get involved, meet people, find out what you want to do, and keep going.”

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