Dillan Foss: Fitness crazed, business driven

By Paola Orizondo – Student Contributor

dillan foss

Dillan Foss working out after his interview at the McClelland Fitness Center. Photo by Paola Orizondo.

Dillan Foss is an athletic training major pursuing his master’s in nutrition. Student contributor Paola Orizondo got together with the basketball player to talk about fitness, health, worries, motivation and his own personal brand, Limitless Theory. 

Q: Why fitness? Why training? And what helped you determine athletic training?

A: My sister went to school for kinesiology, which is the study of movement and since I’m an athlete I’ve always been interested in maintaining good health.

Q: Do you have any certifications?

A: NSCA certified personal trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Association. I’m also CPR certified. In the future I would like to obtain my athletic training certification, ATC and work on the TLS certification for coaching.

Q: What challenges have you faced, so far?

A: Well, I would say time constrains, family issues and maybe financial issues. 

Q: Why time?

There’s only so much time in a day so trying to do everything I want while being a full-time student, training, and working can be tricky to balance.

 Q: What is Limitless Theory?

A: It is a personal brand for the three things that I focus on in life: helping people maintain good physical health, nutritional health, and have financial freedom by creating their own economy. There’s so much to it, it goes back to mind, body and soul; and the way being fit and eating organically improves those three aspects of your life. It’s also about creating a community of people who share the same likes.

Q: What are your expectations and fears for this year?

A: Expectations for this year: Personally, I think it’s going to be a lot of growth and change in a sense of compassion. In a sense that everything will be done at 110% rather than having my mind elsewhere. One word for it would be focus. Professionally, I think it’s going to be very explorative and about taking risks and leaps of faith. There’s the fear that it won’t work out, the fear that you can lose people along the way, and the fear that not trying will be worse than the fear of not succeeding.

Q: What was the first step you took into shaping your future?

A: There’s two things: the first was transferring to Lasell College and the second was owning my own business through marketamerica/shop.com.

Q: You are very active on social media. What has been some advantages and disadvantages, in your opinion?

A: One advantage has been helping people and inspiring them as well as getting good feedback. A disadvantage would be the amount of time that I spend on my phone.

Q: Have you impacted someone? If so, How and why?

A: I hope so, because that’s what I dedicate my life to.

Q: How do you keep your clients and yourself motivated?

A: Daily reminders, goals both short and long term. Self-reflection is another big one.

Q: Who or what inspires you?

A: Too many to mention, but what inspires me is the opportunity to actually be here. Scientists say we have a one in 4 trillion chance of becoming a human on Earth.

Q: Any Fitness tips?

A: The more conscious you are about your movements, the better the result. Focusing on your breath is important too.



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