Fall Out Boy returns with “M A N I A”

By Casey DiBari & Marissa Gugala – 1851 Staff

Fall Out Boy’s new album “M A N I A” was released last month, the album’s first single “Young and Menace” was released last April. Photo courtesy of Island Records

Nearly three years to date since their last album “American Beauty/American Psycho” was released in January 2015, Fall Out Boy dropped their seventh studio album, “M A N I A,” on January 19. 

The excitement for the album started in April of last year when the first single “Young and Menace” was released, and the anticipation continued through three more singles and a pushed back release date. When “Young and Menace” dropped, it spent nine weeks on the Billboard Charts for Hot Rock Songs, peaking at number seven. “M A N I A” is Fall Out Boy’s fourth record to reach top charts.

Stand out songs on the album are “Church” and “Sunshine Riptide.” “Church” offers listeners catchy lyrics and a religious sound with the use of chanting layered underneath the instrumental. “Sunshine Riptide” also has catchy lyrics, along with interesting production tricks, such as running one of the lines in reverse. This song features guest vocals from Burna Boy. “M A N I A” features other great songs like “Bishop’s Knife Trick” and “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).”

“Heaven’s Gate” is a slower paced song towards the end of the album. The slow ballad clearly meant to highlight Patrick Stump’s vocals. The lyrics are superb and the music compliments Stump, yet in an album with faster pop-rock tunes, rough guitar chords and drum beats, this subdued melody is noticeably out of place.

Being the third to last song, it causes a lull in the album. It is reminiscent of songs they have done before, but the song should have been saved for a different album or as a bonus track on a “Best Of…”.

The album is amazing, and certainly worth streaming on Spotify or even buying on iTunes. Everyone will enjoy it, from hardcore Fall Out Boy fans, to the casual listener, or new fans who might hear one of their songs on the radio.

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