Henderson hired to coordinate student organizations

By Seán McGlone & Justin Fosdick – Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff


Jay Henderson comes to Lasell after previously working at Southern Connecticut State University. Photo by Seán McGlone

Jay Henderson was hired as the new Coordinator for Student Organizations in the Office of Student Activities at the end of the fall semester.

While the idea of stepping into a new role after a school year has already started may be daunting, Henderson says his background working with a variety of different departments helped make his transition to Lasell easier than most people might expect. 

“I think that I’ve gotten a chance to work in a lot of different offices, and learn a lot of different things from a lot of different supervisors and interact with a lot of different types of staffs,” said Henderson.

Henderson arrives at Lasell after having spent the last few years working at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), where he served as the Assistant Director of Student Admissions and as an adjunct professor. He says he has gained a lot of experience while also working with new student orientation and residential life at SCSU.

“I think in the short time that he’s been here he’s already built relationships with students in ways that we may or may not have been able to reach them before,” said Assistant Director of Student Activities Sarah Richardson.

Henderson says he was drawn to Lasell because the position allowed him to work both in student activities as well as orientation, two departments that were separate at SCSU.

“I wanted to find a place that had orientation and student activities combined,” said Henderson. “That was something that I enjoyed. While I enjoy the program aspects, my biggest passions are working with the student leaders involved with them.” Henderson said he previously met Richardson and Director of Student Activities and Orientation Jenny Granger at a conference for professionals working in orientation.

“Jay brings such a great energy, spirit, and excitement to the department in a variety of ways. Whether that’s just him as a person, his excitement of getting to know the Lasell community and what that’s all about… as well as his knowledge and eagerness to learn areas that he is overseeing. He’s been a pleasure and a joy and easy to work with,” said Granger.

Going forward, Henderson says he would like to further develop the new Laser Involvement portal. The Laser Involvement website was implemented this semester as a replacement to Orgsync. Henderson recognizes that Orgsync wasn’t very popular with students and believes Laser Involvement is a lot more user friendly. He says he hopes because Laser Involvement is a recent development, it will lead to him being able to connect more with students.

“I think at least still being new, my hope is to still encourage folks to come by and pop in,” said Henderson. “My hope is also to be present on campus and be visible on campus for students to know that I’m around, so that way if there is ever a time where they feel like they need something, they know where to go.”

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