Implementing change at NCAA Convention

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Senior Lauren Piper attended the 2018 NCAA Convention in Indianapolis alongside Athletic Director Kristy Walter and junior Brian Cohen. Photo courtesy of Lauren Piper

Indianapolis hosted the 2018 NCAA Convention from January 17-20, where two Lasell athletes, junior Brian Cohen and senior Lauren Piper, attended representing Lasell and the GNAC Conference. 

The three day convention included the legislation process, board meetings, seminars, and fun activities to get to know other student athletes. The main goal of this annual convention is to improve the overall student athlete experience within the NCAA.

“I learned a lot about how the NCAA works as a whole, I learned how to network and was provided with many tools to be successful,” said Piper. “I was surrounded by so many amazing and successful athletes and business men and women. I am very grateful for the experience.”

All three divisions were in attendance at the convention. However, representative students were personally invited. Cohen and Piper represented Lasell and the GNAC for interesting reasons.

Cohen is the President of Lasell’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). When Athletic Director Kristy Walter asked if he’d like to go, Cohen saw it as an opportunity to utilize his title.

“We had a few SAAC meetings [at the convention],” said Cohen, “It was great to see what other schools and other students are doing in relation to how they want to build their community around campus.”

“I was a part of the Student Inclusion Program which consisted of 40 other ethnic minority Division III athletes from all over the country,” said Piper. “I was very proud to be able to represent Lasell.” The senior volleyball player thought it was cool to see all her GNAC competitors in a team-building setting.

The main highlight of the 2018 NCAA Convention for both Lasers was having the chance to make connections with professionals within the NCAA. This includes students, coaches, athletic directors, and commissioners.

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