Men’s basketball shows promise with new ambitions

By James Macey – 1851 Staff

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Junior Tim Blair is averaging 15.0 points per game for the men’s basketball team this season. The team looks a lot different this year having nine freshmen on the team. Photo by Katie Schneider

The basketball team has shown a great deal of consistency so far in the 2018 season, making their presence known in the Great Northeastern Athletic Conference (GNAC). 

The team consists of nine freshmen this year, although the upperclassmen have been a major role in helping the new players adjust.

“It’s all about the system,” guard Lamont Gooden said. “We need to have the full mentality of all five guys in sync, playing together,” he said. Gooden, a Laser for three years, has been putting in extra effort this season to bring his teammates together as a family. “We have to have heart, show courage, and stay together out there,” Gooden said prior to the 2017-18 season.

Sophomore Stefon Masciarelli is in his first year with the team and he’s been able to adjust to the system quickly. “It was kind of easy to fit into,”  he said. “Coach gives you the freedom to do what you want as long as you make good decisions.” Since transferring from Assumption College, Masciarelli was awarded GNAC Player of the Week in January.

“It’s nice because I’m on a team that everyone moves the ball and anyone can score,” Masciarelli said. “[Other teams] have to worry about Tim, Scott…you can’t really leave any of us open.”

Junior Tim Blair looks at this season as a chance to be a role model for his teammates. “I have an input on what players and coaches want to do,” said Blair. Having a voice on any team is helpful when there’s new faces.

“From scoring a basket I get more energy on the defensive end,” Blair says. “Overall, it gives me a spark.” Blair is currently averaging 15.0 points per game, the second best on the team.

Consistency has been proven this season and the team have an opportunity for a playoff appearance. With key victories against Regis College and rival Mount Ida, the Lasers have a little bit of breathing room in the GNAC.

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