Possible Merger: Student Feedback

Cameron Brennan, junior sport communication major at Lasell College, may be the most level-headed of all. 1851 staff members Megan Palumbo and Dana Sutcliffe talked to 20 students about the possible merger between Lasell College and Mt. Ida College. When asked for his opinion, Brennan said, “The collaboration between the two schools would open up more options for students…until more information is brought up and given to the students, I don’t think I have an opinion as of yet, whether it’s for or against the students.”

Here’s a sampling that Lasell students told Palumbo and Sutcliffe after attending one of the two meetings this past Monday. 

“I think it’s been a lot of information all at once but it’s been nice to hear different perspectives. It’s still too early to tell anything yet but it’ll be interesting to explore the opportunity.” –Lizzie Leahy junior, Communication, concentration in Entertainment Media

“I toured both colleges my senior year of high school and Mt. Ida didn’t give me the same positive feelings that Lasell did. I chose Lasell because I wanted my degree to specifically be from a credible fashion school.” – Meghan Bailey  junior, Fashion Merchandising

“I know that one main thing that people are worried about is Athletics but [Mt. Ida] doesn’t have a baseball team so it doesn’t affect me.” -Daniel Petr  junior, Accounting

“I think that in the future it could hold a lot of great opportunity, but it’ll be a long road leading up to that because people aren’t so adaptable with change.” –Olivia Addington junior, Communication, concentration in Public Relations

“I just see it being more of a hassle than any benefits it’s going to cause…I expect them to at least take into consideration what all the students are saying because it’s them who it will affect, especially the younger students.” -Nick Lopriore senior, Accounting and Finance

“I don’t think [the meeting] helped a single thing. He didn’t answer any of our questions directly.” –Cassandra Greeley sophomore, Fashion Design

“I don’t really have an opinion on the merger…a lot of people I know are thinking of transferring because of the merger. They’re nervous about what our reputation is going to be.” -Robert Rowe freshman, Communication

“It seems like they’re trying to rush into it, and if they do that it’s going to affect everybody and it’s not going to be for the better.” –Lillian Baker junior, Fashion Merchandising

“People come here for a specific reason. If you merge, that’s the complete opposite reason of why people came here.” –Joseph Lamarca junior, Criminal Justice

“I think the meeting did help because the email did come very last minute…I’m not sure how the state of the college will be after this happens–that’s what I’m worried about.” –Ashley Desire senior, Fashion Design

“I think it’s a good reason because students will have more opportunities to find more majors that Lasell doesn’t have.” -Abdulmajeed Alkhanshali junior, Communication concentration in Public Relations

“We got a little clarification as to what the plans are, but we didn’t get any clarification as to what everything entails.” –Francelle Papailler junior, Environmental Studies

“They didn’t have any specific details that they wanted to tell us…I’m hoping for another meeting.” –Morgan Pinksten junior, Athletic Training

“It was nice to be able to come together and ask some questions as a student body.” –Ben Michon junior, Athletic Training

“I think President Alexander did a nice job of answering our questions, but I’m still curious about what unique things Mt. Ida can offer to Lasell.” –Alex Balletto junior, Public and Government Affairs

“I personally like it and I think that the bigger that we can get the school, the more accredited it will be.” -Ryan Cutter junior, Sports Management

“As a senior, I’m really looking at the future generations of Lasell. Especially as a tour guide, I see people come in through the admission office every single day for the past three years, falling in love with Lasell. I understand that we need to continue moving forward, but I think Lasell can do that on their own.” -Elana Korman senior, Human Services, minor in Criminal Justice

“I really don’t believe that changing who we are as a college–as a whole–would benefit anyone.” -Alex Hoffman senior, Event Management

“As somebody on the men’s lacrosse team, our strong rival is Mt. Ida and there is certainly a lot of tension between the teams whenever we play. We have a great coach now and a great team, and obviously I don’t want that to be kind of picked apart if that is part of the merger…I’d like to see students voicing their opinions from both sides–from Lasell and Mt. Ida.” -Mike Susi junior, Fitness Management


On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, President Alexander is hosting a further meeting for the Lasell community to ask remaining questions. The meeting will take place in De Witt Hall at 3:30-4:30 pm. Later that night, President Alexander will be streaming via Facebook Live from his office to answer questions and address comments from alumni and parents who are viewing. The parents stream will happen from 5-6pm, followed by the alumni stream at 6:30-7:30 pm.






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