Shamrockin’ Around Boston: The Best 21+ Places to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

By Dana Sutcliffe – 1851 Staff

Looking to spend St. Patrick’s Day somewhere a little more festive this year? South Boston is a prideful community full of cultural festivities, a thriving bar scene, local food favorites and the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. So whether you’re just looking to grab a drink with friends or simply relax with some bar food classics, take a look at the list below and have a safe and exciting holiday!

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Murphy’s Law – 837 Summer Street, South Boston MA
Murphy’s Law, located in Southie, disproves it’s theory that if anything can go wrong, it will. At this bar, there’s not much that can be declared as wrong, with 10 beers on draft and 12 bottled beers and seltzers. It’s a classic Irish pub, perfect for celebrating in the heart of all the St. Paddy’s Day hoopla.

The Junction -. 110 Dorchester Street, South Boston MA

With 12 draft beers on the menu, as assortment of craft beers, and cocktails like the “Southie Mule” and “Flynn Old Fashioned”, The Junction Bar and Restaurant is a hot spot for young twenty-somethings looking to relax and unwind. With the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade route running right past the bar, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the festivities from your seat.

Amrheins – 80 West Broadway, Boston MA

The oldest bar in South Boston dating back to 1890, Amrheins serves 10 beers on draft and offers a unique menu of cocktails and martinis, such as the Green Tea – a refreshing mixture of Jameson, peach tree schnapps, fresh lemon and lime juice and a douse of ginger ale. Amrheins, located slightly off of the parade route, also has a wide selection of food options including bar appetizers and a full brunch and dinner menu. If you’re enjoying yourself and lose track of the time, not to worry! Amrheins is open until 2am on Saturday nights.

Local 149 – 149 P Street, South Boston MA

Corned beef hash and eggs, corned beef melt and corned beef and cabbage spring rolls..Oh my! These options along with Irish fish and chips are just a few of the special menu items that Local 149 will be serving up this St. Patrick’s Day. If that doesn’t already sound good enough, the restaurant also offers a wide range of wine and cocktails for the classy drinker.

The Broadway – 726 E. Broadway, Boston MA

With a special brunch drink menu that features “coffee and donuts” (Jameson, Bailey’s Irish cream, cold brew coffee, milk and their daily donut skewer), The Broadway is a real treat for anyone in the Southie area. Located near the parade route, it also offers an extensive menu including everything from “Small Bites and Appetizers” to “Leafy Greens and Bowls”, burgers and of course their delicious wood fired pizza. It’s the perfect place with a great atmosphere to relax and unwind this St. Paddy’s Day.

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