Ban AR-15s from society

By Casey DiBari – 1851 Staff

Illustration by Tom Baker

As TIME Magazine explained following the Parkland, Florida shooting in February, the AR-15 (ArmaLite Rifle -15) has been an American staple of a rifle.  It has sometimes been classified as an assault rifle. An AR-15 is easy to customize and features a low recoil, making it a favorite among gun owners.

It is also too easy for someone to purchase in some states; there was reported to be no wait time in Florida. This type of gun was used this year at Stoneman Douglas and in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

After Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook six years ago, the laws on purchasing an AR-15 should have been changed then and there.  Connecticut and other states have adopted Red Flag laws, but not much more. Simply, many would argue gun laws should have adapted with the times.

Going back to Florida, there should be a wait time. Those who want to purchase it should have a more difficult time doing so.  There was no reason Nikolas Cruz should have had his hands on a gun, especially when he entered Stoneman Douglas.

There is no reason that any average John or Jane should be able to get what seems to be the M16. While most of America cannot get their hands on the automatic version of the AR-15, which does exist, this gun has been used in multiple tragedies. We have seen the tragedy and devastation that it can cause, even if it goes off one bullet at a time.

Maybe law makers will finally start listening and see how deadly these guns are. Maybe we won’t see as many shootings with an AR-15 as we have if they are banned. Congress needs to work harder in general.

While laws unfortunately will not end all shootings, any increased gun control would help…or else we’ll hear of another incident involving the AR-15 in another six years.

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