Colleges of Distinction describes Lasell academics: unique, engaging

By Alex Balletto & Cristina Serratore – Copy Editor & 1851 Staff 

Business and Education were recognized for excellence by Colleges of Distinction last month. The organization highlights institutions for engaging students and creating a positive campus community.  “As a transfer, the education department is certainly a well-rounded experience,” sophomore Alana Larkin said. “The professors are very welcoming and are always willing to help with any questions or concerns.”

Education Professor Kimberly Kaplan regards her program highly. “I think the education major was selected because of the department’s ability to prepare students for their future careers in teaching,” she said. “The students are in schools from their second semester freshman year continuing through graduation.”

“Our students are also prepared for the future by interning in urban and suburban schools and engaging in grants, community events, and mentoring where they can put leadership skills to practice,” wrote Associate Professor and Chair of the Education Program Claudia Rinaldi.

Rinaldi also highlighted education’s use of modern technology, such as the TeachLive Simulator, “where students can practice teaching lessons and having parent-teacher conferences before they go out and try it with real students.”

Education students chalked their greatest opportunity as field experiences. “I have had the amazing opportunity to be in classrooms at The Barn, and in Roxbury, Newton, and Antigua,” said junior education major Hailee Walsh. “The connected learning aspect of Lasell has allowed me to see a variety of classroom settings.”

Associate Professor and Chair of Marketing and Management Nancy Waldron believes her first-rate professors “play a paramount role in developing competent future employees with rounded insight.”

“Our faculty members have all had experience in their field of expertise and they are adept at bringing that into the classroom,” she said.

School of Business and School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Education associate deans offered perspective on why programs in their school were selected.

Associate Professor and Associate Dean Melissa Varao believes the School of Business was selected as a college of distinction because many of its classes “work with real companies and professionals on real projects.”  She writes it “creates real outcomes and results,” which give Lasell students “great experience and great contacts.”

Associate Professor and Associate Dean Lori Rosenthal wrote about education: “They create a vibrant community by participating in mentoring programs.”  She highlighted its community building practices and Connected Learning Symposium.

“Education students at various levels in the undergraduate program join with the graduate students to celebrate their accomplishments for the semester and provide advice and suggestions to each other in their research projects and capstone experiences,” Rosenthal said.

Colleges of Distinction’s founder notes the college engages future employees, but also inspires them to be critical thinkers with unique, well-rounded insight. Lasell stood out in internships and service learning projects.

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